Greensboro, North Carolina
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I visited the Freedom Drive store today because it was convenient to where I was commuting back from. As usual Aldi's has a lot of great buys.

I like Aldi's but I was treated like a criminal. Just because it's located in ghetto--do they really need to act so rude! I was followed and stared at by employee's, only employees. I wasn't dressed in weird attire.

Nothing unusual, I promise. My pocketbook is extremely small but evidently I looked very a perpetrator of some criminal activity because certainly they acted like I was shop-lifting. Do middle-aged, Caucasian females fit some kind of profile? However the policeman on duty seemed to pay me no mind at all.

A Hispanic female employee trailed me throughout the store and when I glanced at her, she glared as if I'd insulted her mother or something.  I truly understand why more and more people order everything on line. The cashier was okay rather cool, not too friendly. I spent $193.61--my exact total.

'm not trying to make this about race but evidently it is  It is not because it's the South.  I'm from Chicago and I don't get this kind of garbage there.   Please if it's because my skin is white--please post a sign. Whites Not Welcome.

I'll shop elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

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