Washington, Vermont
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I have been buying Aldi's brand Southern Grove mixed nuts that claim to be less than 50% nuts, but they are not. Normally they aren't that off, but tonight's can has no Brazil Nuts or hazelnuts, only a few dried out cashews and one pecan.

Very interesting that the can touts "less than 50% peanuts, but then lists peanuts as the main ingredient.

I also find it interesting that you cannot submit a complaint unless you have written at least 100 words.

This is so ridiculous; I must keep writing just to make the 100 word minimum. Do the Aldi people really want to encourage writing extra verbiage just so our complaints will be heard?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you want to complain,just copy and paste the complaint you typed in here, it's 115 words.


Sweetheart, this is pissedconsumer, a general forum for people who want to voice their experiences/opinions about different companies all over the world. This is NOT the Aldi website!

If you wish to complain to Aldi, then go to Aldi.com and complain there.

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