Asheville, North Carolina

I have been shopping at Aldi for over 5 years, and most of the items I get there is great quality. I had to experiment however, with the items, and buying different things to see what I liked and did not.

I found that their crackers were not as good, to me, as national brands, so, I do not get crackers there. Their cookies, however, are just as good and much better price. I could name many examples, but, for space, I will not. The one thing I do not like is you try something, you love it, and the next time they no longer have it, and never do again.

Irritating to say the least. Their bread is wonderful; the sourdough, like homemade, and prices are good there too. I have advised many friends and family to shop there and will continue to do so. I do not like their soda, so, I don't get it.

There are very few items sold there that I do not buy. Their meats are simple great, and very very reasonable. Rude cashier??? You can find that in any store you shop in.

I have not had that experience at Aldi. Getting a grocery cart and paying a quarter, then getting it back, when the carts are right there at the door rain or shine.

Wonderful system. In summery: I love that store.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Aldi Grocery Pros: Products, Value, Price, Meats.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Produce almost spoiling.

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