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The product i am complaining about is tortilla white wrap and its brand is Bakers life. I have been using this product from last year.

This time i have found a mould in tortilla wrap after i ate few wraps from the packet. The product is not expired as it has its expiry date on 18 july2014. I bought this product on 17 may2014 and i have opened the packet on 24 may 2014.

Before it was opened it was stored on cool and dry place on the shelf at room temperature. Once it is opened i used to store it on freeze.

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Ok, it's not the store's fault. They can't check every package every single day.

Sometimes there is a defect or minor contamination in a product which results in mold, or damage, or whatever. It happens. Take it back to the store, and any customer service person with any brain, will simply swap it out for a fresh one you choose, or refund your money.

It happens. Don't go blaming the store for it, *** happens.

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