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I visited your store in Tampa toady for the first time. I noticed the it recently and visited your website and decided it was worth checking out.

When i arrived i saw a line of carts chained up and thought it was odd but I assumed some carts would be available inside. I saw no carts in the store so I walked back outside to see if i could figure out what was going on. I then discovered that I had to pay for a cart. I needed to pay 25 cents to use a cart to fill with items that you want to sell to me?

I had no change. I had also planned to get some cash back with my purchase since i had no cash at the time. So my option was to find an ATM, pay the ATM fee to get some cash, then get change and then i would have the quarter i needed to rent the cart i would need to buy your goods. After i realized that I was not on candid camera I laughed out loud.

There was no doubt for me that i was not interested in doing any business with your company. My first impression will be my only impression of your company. You put a road block in front of customers at the very beginning of their experience , something not one other grocery store does.

It's hard to imagine what frail mind thought this was a good idea. Astonishingly idiotic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Facility.

Reason of review: carts are locked up.

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...or you could just go in and ask the cashier for a quarter? They'd be happy to lend you one. There's no need to make this situation so incredibly difficult.


You get your quarter back: you insert a quarter to get a cart. You use the cart to get your groceries and take said groceries to your car.

You bring the cart back where you got it from and return it correctly and out pops a quarter. This ensures that carts are returned, thus allowing Aldi to save money on hiring a cart attendant, thus passing the saving on to the consumer.

They don't put your items in bags either, so if you go back, don't be surprised when you have to bag your own items. Discounts don't come from nowhere, you know.


Evidently you didn't read the whole site. Under First Timer Tips it clearly states using a quarter to get the cart.


Don't 1 star review the store for your failure to perform due diligence. It also states they don't provide bags to bring your own.


The business model to bring lower prices includes not having to hire someone to retrieve carts in the parking lot. Your quarter is to ensure you put your cart back where it belongs.

They also don't give you bags. Maybe discount grocery shopping isn't for you...

I however love this idea!!

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