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Daniela - name on my receipt - was the biggest jerk cashier I have ever encountered. No hello or greeting.

I didn't have a cart because I only had 5 things so she tossed them in the cart next to her. When I started to take the cart to the counter to bag them she snatched the cart and said 'I need my cart' in the most hateful tone. Uh sorry, I don't know your rules how to handle that situation and she seemed in an awful big hurry. Other cashiers at this same store have been just as rude.

I can't believe Aldi has people working in their stores who act like that and treat customers so badly. I'd say they need new management but honestly who acts like that?

They must hire "special needs" people (aka Daniela) like Goodwill does. How nice.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Way the checker acted.

  • Cashier Attitude
  • Very Very Poor Customer Service
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I too take offense. The original poster was comparing the Aldi employee to someone with special needs, which is a slur because she found them rude, not the reporting of a fact.

No need here to go off regarding unrelated situations.

If we wanted to start a mean spirited conversation about people who cannot be mainstreamed into the general public it would include lots of people not generally thought of as "Special needs." Including University Professors. Meanwhile I've never seen an issue with a Wal-Mart greeter or even heard of one.


Sometimes, special needs individuals simply CANNOT be "mainstreamed" into the general public/population. IF they have "special needs," perhaps they should be working in a place that can actually FULFILL and ACCOMMODATE their special NEEDS~like Good Will or the Salvation Army or as a "greeter" at Walmart, etc.

My husband teaches at a University that recently and FRUITLESSLY "tries" to mainstream the special need individuals, and it rarely works in the classroom thus, disrupting the progress of the WHOLE class while slowing down the EXPENSIVE EDUCATION that the other students are PAYING for!

One young man in his class "freaked out" because my husband "wrote in cursive" instead of "printing!" So the WHOLE CLASS must be held back because ONE special needs student can only handle printing and it takes more time to print than to write on the board? This is WRONG and my husband will retire as soon as possible because of issues like this.


I seriously take offense at that dig at special needs employees. I work with people with special needs.

Frankly they are a lot better than most “normal” people. You could use a lesson or two from them.




If you did not bring a cart or have a bag ready to receive the groceries as she rang, Daniela had no choice but to use the cart she had ready. Actually, kudos to her for having a cart ready.

The ALDI model is speed & efficiency.

There is only so much an employee can do, the rest is up to the customer - keep the lines moving, keep the traffic flowing, and be ready. Use some critical thinking to see how we operate, and try to act accordingly.


I feel your pain. Aldi cashiers are always rude.


To: The Reviewer: Wow. So much hate and arrogance.

You're going to make fun of someone who is disabled or who has special needs. Clearly you have serious issues.

Customers like you should be banned for life! It sounds like you're lying and fabricating, while you're the one needs an attitude adjustment.


Sounds like you are the one who needs an attitude improvement. If you do not like it, stay away.


I believe there is a law that states any grocery store Has to employ a certain amount of disabled employees.


There is no such law. I work for a major grocer in the United States, and of our 20+ employees, none are differently abled.

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