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I shop a t store #35 in New Hartfod,NY.I have shopped at the Rome,NY store and at the store in Yorkville,NY. I have always been greeted with a smile and a verbal greeting and considered Aldi's a friendly place to shop.

However last week and today the cashier Jacqueline would not say a word.I finally spoke to her and she answered in a word and no more. I dont expect to be treated like some one who is in her space.Aldi workers have always been helpful but this young lady considers that she is doing you a favor by checking your groceries.This is not the usual way an Aldi employee treats a customer. Perhaps this young lady could stand some intense customer training.

I realize I am not the only customer in the Aldi chain but can a little courtesy make for a nicer shopping expierience? Thankyou for let me vent and hoping this young lady does not continue to ruin the Aldi shopping expierience.


Zyg Kurpisz@ ztozkrp@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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Please I don't understand people the going shopping went they have a bad day and complain on people they try to serve you.the you know a parson can loss there job for *** complains like this one.Just try to be more nice and understanding I don't think your are perfect maybe is a reason why the cashier dint smile to you.


Unfortunately, I've had the same experience at my hometown ALDI and surly IS the right word to describe a few (not all) of the employees. Rude is another word that fits. And these certain people are ALWAYS that way without exception. They glare at the customers-- that is, if they bother to acknowledge them at all. And yes, I realize that they are busy and work hard to stock the shelves, etc., but there's no excuse for that kind of attitude.

Once I accidently pulled out a credit card instead of my debit. The cashier barked, "WE DON'T TAKE CREDIT CARDS!!" Her tone was uncalled for. Luckily, I've not experienced this in any other Aldis in neighboring towns.

And they say to shop locally. Right.

@Onnie Ibb

The cashier barked ? Are you a person because only dogs bark.


Did you ever think that just possibly the employee just received some bad news and they had not gotten a replacement for her. Or maybe it was her first day back from a funeral. Just Saying


I don't need to have employees greet me,etc. to have a nice shopping experience.

All I need for that is to not have a crowd of people around and especially screaming kids, and rowdy teenagers.

Therefore, I shop so early that I am home no later than 10:00AM and that includes time spent waiting for a cab to bring me home. As long as the employee does their job, I don't care how pleasant they are.

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