Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
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I opened this last package of Benton's fig bars and noticed they were awfully sweet. I then looked at the package and noticed it said "new & improved".

I really liked the old version better. They're too sweet for me now and won't be buying again. I do like 95% of the products I buy and am very happy with the store. I especially like the Fit & Active marinated turkey roasts.

I have had no problem and do like all the crackers and cereal.

I also know the prices on crackers and cereal are very low. I have had no problems with the fruits and vegetables.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Bentons Fig Bars Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree with Debi don't like the "new and improved" they are too sweet giving them away and won't buy again . Very disappointed I liked the fig bars before this.


I don't know how "new" the new and improved fig bars are but over 1 year ago I bought Benton's fig bars at Aldi, ate a few and through the rest away - too sweet. Recently bought the New and Improved and WOW, way too sweet.

And I noticed they have High Fructose Corn syrup in them.

I stay away from HFCS when possible. Cut the sugar and save money.


so much for their "new & improved"!!!!! not only are they sweeter, they are also SMALLER!!!!!! Way NOT to go Benton's!!!!!!


YES!!! I would eat the old fig bars like they were going out of style...they were so good.

WHY did they have to go and change something that was so good???? This is like Coke changing their recipe in the 80's...everybody hated the "new & improved" coke...BRING BACK THE OLD BENTON'S FIG BARS!!!!!!!!

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