Clever, Missouri

Seriously ticked...I prefer to turn the pages of the ad, I can see more at-a-glance in less time...but the resolution is impossible...too small to read, and once you increase it to 125% too blurry to read, it snags with blow-ups if you scroll across anything (why on earth would anyone want to view a grocery ad an item at a time???? who has that kind of time to waste???

might as well drive to the store and read the ad at the front door--it would take less time), the listed specials below are a ridiculous waste of a time/effort. Maybe on a phone it is easier (but I doubt it). Probably looks pretty to web page designers, but for actual use...impossible waste of time as well.

Anything that takes longer than 60 seconds (which is about the total amount of time I am willing to dedicate to viewing an entire ad, all 15-20+ pages) is an impossible WASTE of VALUABLE time. Maybe it is the ability of some of us to retain a visual snapshot in our head of the ad pages, whereas the visual snapshot of individual listed items requires 100s of visual snapshots in our head rather than the simpler pages...granted not everyone remembers or learns in the same way, but for visual folks...well, guess the web designers are just NOT interested in our business.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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