Memphis, Tennessee

even buy a package of fresh cut meat that looks great. nicely trimmed, great color.

We bought a pack of chops that looked better than any I have ever seen at least the ones I could actually see. the ones hidden uder those nice ones were the worst I have ever seen and should have been chopped up for soup or something.

all bone, grissle, and fat. I would hope this is not standard practice for teh store we would like to go back for the bargains but if deception is a selling tool than we won't be back.

Easy way to unload *** stuff I guess.

Bartlett, TN store Whitten Road

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aldi employee wrote: "We don't package the meat! Grow a brain!"

What an ethically challenged comment! The retailer is Aldi. And guess whose name is on the package, and guess who gets to take the heat in a double fashion! The only corporate identifier on any of the meats I've ever bought from Aldi reads "Distributed by ALDI Inc., Batavia, IL 60510".

So you're pointing the finger at some anonymous, phantom packager, and expect the OP to know that Aldi isn't the packager?


We don't package the meat! Grow a brain!


It happens everywhere. I recently bought a Veal roast at Publix.

It looked great, with a small round bone in the middle. I thought it will easily make 4-5 portions. When I unwrapped it, on the backside it was almost all bone.

I have no idea from where the cut could have come as a calf shouldn't even have such huge bone. It barely was enough meat for my husband and me.


I think that is so with anywhere you shop. I have purchased meat like that from Albertson's.

Somethimes things like that slip through. It happends


Always judge your butcher by the color of his skin... The lighter the better.

Only buy white meat from a white man.


If you see sub-standard merchandise it's best to alert an employee. Sometimes things like that just get through when they're not supposed to. Simple human error really.

I work in an op shop, sometimes an item will pass through 20 pairs of hands and still make it out onto the sales floor only for a customer to find it's missing a button or something.

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