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I shopped at Aldi's today.

I got home, and i could not find my wallet. Perhaps I left it at the register by Aldi's? Aldi's is 2 towns over. I tried to call them, and I could get no answer. I called and cancelled every credit card. The next day, I went there, and they said, oh, here it is. You left it by the register.

They said they don't have a telephone number because they would have to hire someone. The manager could easily have a cell phone for quick answers.

I can think of many other emergencies. How about an expensive prescription you tood out of your purse to reach for your wallet?

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Any business that cannot be contacted by phone is definitely NOT a place you need to shop at.

Wichita, Kansas, United States #1212777

You shop at a cut-rate grocery store (so do I, no judging) and you're surprised that they cut costs? Maybe take more responsibility for your actions and your belongings in the future, instead of blaming them for not being at your literal beck and call. It's not like you're paying them for service, and as other commenters have noted, if you'd bothered to call their customer service phone number rather than being a crybaby on some random website, you might have actually gotten, you know, customer service.

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1235409


Really was all that bullcorn necessary?

to Anonymous #1364230

Aldi's is the largest grocery store int he world. They do not have a customer service phone number.

They have one large corporate phone number that you can call and it just tells you that you cannot contact them and they do this to keep costs down.

It is not a cost saving measure because paying for phone service is Aldi's case, would be a cost of doing business and therefore a tax write off at the end of the year. So, any money spent on paying for a telephone service would be offset come tax time.

to Donnie Loper #1364360

LMAO!!!!!! Aldi most certainly is NOT the largest grocery store chain the world!

Forked River, New Jersey, United States #1194181

Correction of typos: and added comments:

If you call the main number and let them know which location you are trying to reach... They certainly will call them for you while you are on the line and give a message.

They will check on anything you wish. Like lost glasses, something missing from your purchase, etc. I have done this a few times. They were very helpful and courteous.

They just don't give out the direct phone number... But you can definately reach them Call 630-879-8100 .I agree as a small business owner it is best to keep costs down any way possible. Yes, they may make it a little bit inconvenient, but you can definitely reach them and get through .

I have done this and spoken to the manager actually one other time or you can leave a phone number and asked somebody to call you back.


If you call the main number and let them know which location you are trying to reach,. They ill call them for you while you are on the line and give a message,or check on anything you wish.

Like lost glasses. I have done this a few times. Hey we ex very helpfuland courteous.

They just don't give out the direct phone number... But you can definately reach them.630-879-8100


I left a credit card at Aldi. With them having no number to call them at I had to go back to the store and inquire about my card which they had in some office.

But since I shopped at three different stores I was unsure at first if I had left the card there or at the other two. Since the other stores had contact numbers I was able to use process of elimination but was unsure if I was wasting a trip or not.


I agree they shiuld have phones. what if that employee had a death in the family and no cell phone on them.

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1248050

There is a phone, for the reason you just stated and also so cooperate, truck drivers, and upper management can get in touch. It's just not for customers, period.


this should be illegal. Not having a phone number to reach a company that deals completely with the public.


I myself have tried to contact the this same store, and would not have known that they didn't have a phone, until I tried look them up on their web page, and had no success. I then noticed the post from a customer that stated, that there indeed was no listing for the Penn ave location. Sad.


I had the same thing happen, except it was my cell phone. I searched everywhere for a phone number but there is none posted.

Not even at their home office. I find this not customer friendly at all.


I used to work there and my manager flat out told me they dont have the time to be bothered with phone calls, and if someo.e does fi.d out the number to the store the number gets changed asap. They do have phones they just dont want the public to know the number.


I find it hard to believe that Aldi cannot hire someone to answer phones in their stores for at least PART of the day, like from 9am- 5pm or something like that. It would not cost very much.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #879976

A business has a right not to have a phone. Personally, I choose not to shop at a store that does not provide basic customer service so I don't frequent Aldi or any business that does not have a phone number.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #812051

I just contacted Aldi corporate office and they explained that, as others have mentioned, they don't post phone numbers because they operate with minimal staff to keep prices down...which is fine. Apparently they have never heard of voicemail.

The customer service rep also explained that there is an 800 number that we can call and the customer rep will then call the store location, BUT they will NOT forward a call. In other words, only the customer service reps can talk to the stores. Efficient, huh? She also told me that the customer service people at the 800 number are available M-F 8am to 4pm Central time.

So if you need to get in touch with them and any other location, say, at 4:15pm Central or on the weekend, you're just out of luck!

Here's the 800 number: 800-325-7894. Good luck!


What about growing up and taking responsibility that it is YOUR FAULT that the wallet was left behind because you were careless.

Seven Hills, Ohio, United States #812042

The same thing happened to me (lost wallet). I looked all over the internet for a phone number and couldn't find one.

I haven't been back to the store yet but I did send an email to the corporate office a few minutes ago. What a f-ed up policy!!!

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