Denver, Colorado
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I have been shopping at Aldi for years. I have never had a problem until today.

My four year old son was walking next to me, not running or misbehaving at all, through the produce area, when he slipped on some wet area of the floor, which caused his hand to go under the wheel of my cart. His fingers were bleeding, and he was screaming. An employee was nearby, but showed no concern. I asked for help, explained what happened, she shrugged, said she'd get some band-aids, and went back to work.

I went up to the front of the store to ask for a manager, and the same employee came up. She was the manager.

The cashier had to prompt her to fill out an incident report, to which she replied, "yeah I guess I could do that if you want." I then complained to the assistant manager about her flippant attitude and left the store. I will not go back

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There has never been a ALDI in Colorado. After checking with the state and ALDI itself, it has been confirmed that ALDI has never been in the state of Colorado. That may change in the near future, but otherwise the above comment about ALDI is false.


I came across this complaint because I was looking for an ALDI store nearby and this review claims to be from Denver, where I live. There are no ALDI's stores anywhere near Denver so I know for a fact it's false.


To NoOne: Where is the closest Aldi store to Denver? Does Colorado have any Aldi's?

Please advise. Brenda Lou


Alot of stories you get from customers giving there complaints might seem farfetched but i actually wrkd @ an aldi and things i have witnessed while wrkn there are shocking. These people are rude, mean and they dont care about their customers or employees.

Worst job i have ever had. But i guess if u like being treated like garbage ud wrk there.


wow...serious head caseS here


Put your kid in the *** cart were it should be.


I would like to see proof of these allegations against me.


i was at Aldi prahran store on friday 22/07/11 around late afternoon.. the amount of people waiting to get served was so ***.

there was only one person on the check out and we were like 30 people waiting to get served. oh yes around 30. when asked for another teller then the guy requested that he is waiting for the manager to come and open a new check out. the poor guy was ringing the bell again and again may be 9 or 10 times and no one came and answered him.

it is the worst customer service i have experienced in aldi as i have been shopping at this store from past 1.5 years. and then after waiting for almost 15 mins we had 2 people coming and opened new checkout. and the way i was rushed while getting served was as if he was doing a favor serving me. and then i found out he was the new store manager.

what an uneducated person with no manners at all.morgen the manager previous to him was very decent and helpful. this person should not be serving people.what a shame.

Greg S

I heard you were here at PissedConsumer posting the same fake complaint, except with slight changes to the story.

I have been informed by your Department of Public Safety that a RO(Restraining Order) has been filed against you preventing you from going on any ALDI property because of your false complaint and slanderous lies.


I am not going to argue with you over this. I have never posted anywhere else.

And even if I did, I don't have a daughter. I simply wanted someone to know what happened to my son. If you don't care, so be it.

There is no need to call names and be hateful. Grow up

Gertrude W

Last time was over on PFB!!!!


And, I don't have a daughter


Actually, this is the first time I have ever used this website. If you are going to be hateful, at least think first.

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