Salford, England
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i have been complaing to Aldis and lidle for years about the poor quality of there spuds..last week from the new aldi store in Salford i bought a bag of spuds and when i started to peel them the flesh was full of dark bluish blemishes like frost damage.only 2 out of the whole bad had no blemish.aldi and lidle know about this problem as i have found it on line on customer reviews going back 4 years.+ i have been complaining at various stores up and down the country for at least 5 years..i have put all this and fotos on face book...

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Thank you for taking time to complain. It must have done some good, as the Aldi store here buys their potatoes from Monte Vista, Colorado in the high country and they are really good.

I get a kick out of this because I am from the 4 Corners region of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona. We need a little boost in the economy back there.


Poor baby!!! Maybe instead of wasting your time complaining about this, you should do some research and find out what causes these spots.

It isn't something that the stores cause or that even happens because production. These spots also occur in home grown potatoes.

It isn't any big thing, you can cut them off and it won't waste that much of the potato.

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