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Yes, it's ridiculous and unprofessional *** to not have a local store number. I can't even find a corporate number!

You have to email them and also provide too much contact info. Why can't they simply just answer a damn question and be done with it? It's way too much hoop jumping for my liking. Great customer service within a business demands availability and communication in all areas.

It's crucial ! Every place of business should have a phone number. They can use headsets to be more accessible and mobile throughout the store if necessary. They have a run and gun no frills mentality in the store anyway.

They want you in and the *** out as fast as possible. I have always hated that. It's like trying to coordinate a jewel heist. Stress is the price one pays to save a few dimes.

I go to Aldi once in awhile to pick up specialty and seasonal items. I would like to ideally call first to see if they have the items before I head out and possible waste my time if they don't have the item(s).

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You have answered your own question why they don't list their number---because they would then have to deal with people constantly calling the store with some silly, inane question like "do you have such and such in stock?" Just get off your duff and drive to the store to see what they have, mate---if it's not too much trouble.


I agree. ALDI has fabulous prices.

The only way they can do that is to cut costs other places ie. makind do with less employees. Constantly answer a ringing phone you have to pay someone an hourly wage. Every time I have asked for help in the store employees have been more than willing to help.

They’re always busy. I have never seen anyone standing around chatting. They are working quickly and efficiently.

I greatly appreciate that because I save a lot of money that way. Those individuals who prefer full customer service must be prepared to pay full price.

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