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I was at Aldi Epsom Victoria today and a little old man politely advised the staff that all of the grapes on display were off. They then treated the little old man with contempt firstly dismissing his complaint by saying that is how the stock arrived.

Newsflash if you get rotten stock you don't display it for sale I thought. They were extremely curt to the little old man hurrying him through the registers. Shockingly a fat man with a beard and the girl on the register with holes the size of 10c pieces in her ears. I went to check the grapes myself.

All of them were fermenting and I had the juice on my fingers.

I posted a comment on the Aldi site. They don't permit comments on their home page for consumers to read and I have now posted this on my facebook site so all of my friends can see what a poor store they have at Epsom and asked all of my friends to share it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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