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Stopped in Aldis for a few items.4. There was only one cashier and a long line.The customers in front of me had full buggys and didnot offer to let me in.The cashier kept looking at the long line but never made a effort to call for help.I finally became disgusted and walked over to an empty register and dumped the items and left.Went to WalMart and shopped.Oh by the way their self checkout system works just fine and guess what ,no lines.I don't shop at Aldis or Save a Lot because of poor customer service.I happened to be on the west side of Ashtabula is why I stopped in Aldis.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Cashiers, Long line at checkout.

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An Aldi opened up in the small town where I live in NC and when there is a long line, I have seen and heard the cashier ask for additional help and a second register is opened.


I have experienced long lines in Aldi's with only one cashier on several trips and do not intend to shop at Aldi's in future. Alda's does not know what being Customer Focused means.


Ah yes, Ashtabula. As A Greyhound Veteran, I have passed through Ashtabula many many times one the way from Cleveland, Ohio to Erie, Pennsylvania. I was always bored out of my mind and wished that instead of stopping at every little hick town that the driver would just put the pedal to the medal and drive 100 miles an hour nonstop to Albany, where I had to transfer to my bus to Vermont.

@Lake Providence Lousiana SSI Crazy Money

What does this flippant comment have to do with the original subject? If you don't like going through Ashtabula then take the plane!


I get a SSI crazy money check every month, and it is not enough money to pay for an airplane ticket. It is only enough money to pay for a Greyhound ticket or to Hitch-hike.

Once when I was hitch-hiking, I happened upon the Cleveland airport that was near the Interstate. I walked inside and all around it. It was the middle of the night so there weren't that many people in there. I called up several airlines from the payphones inside and asked about fares to Portland, Oregon where I was trying to get to and I didn't have enough crazy money with me to buy a ticket anywhere so I just went on my way hitch-hiking.

I walked past the Federal Reserve Bank Of Cleveland while walking through Cleveland.

I ended up making it back to Oregon just fine and I was glad that I had to hitch-hike because I had the time of my life and met alot of really cool and interesting people along the way. Much, much better than just jumping on an airplane and flying somewhere and way way better than riding the Greyhound Bus.


Aldi can't keep good cashiers because the Ashtabula Manager treats them like garbage! The Store Manager at the Ashtabula Aldi's is a Bipolar Weirdo!

Self checkout at Walmart is so much better. Sometimes people use the restroom there and smear *** all over the walls in the bathroom!

What a great store! Not!

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