Mooresville, North Carolina

Never had any complaints with any cashier's attitudes at the Mooresville, NC store (#45). I will say I have only seen white female cashiers, no males and no other ethnicities in the two (2) years I've shopped here.

No problems ever with cashiers over-ringing or ringing my items multiple times.

I DO have a few complaints about returns and food.

I have had to return food a few times and once a product.

We bought pretzel buns one day. In two days they had mold on them. Returned with no problem.

Bought chicken salad a few weeks ago. Got home, no seal. Returned it and was told they don't have seals on their chicken salad.

FALSE. I have been buying the chicken salad at least once a month from Aldi. The lid used to come straight off from the small tub and there WAS a seal.

I bought chicken salad today for the last time. Now I understand why there was no seal last time. Apparently they have done away with the seal and substituted a lid that opens in two parts.

You have to go all around the lower part of the lid and "peel" up segments. (So if any segment is already peeled up, you'll know the lid was tampered with.) After most of the segments are peeled up, you can pull the lid off.

Why today is my last purchase of the chicken salad: they seem to be buying from another vendor, the recipe has been changed, or this was a one-off. Either way, I'm done. It has NO taste.

I had to add salt and red pepper to be able to eat it.

Bought an item for the beach. Decided to attempt to assemble it in the parking lot, just in case something didn't work right and it might need to be returned.

The object was so difficult to assemble (with a little help from a friend who would NOT be going to the beach with me) that I took it back inside and requested a refund.

The guy who came to process the refund (a manager I guess) offered to show me how to assemble it.

I declined, deciding that if I couldn't assemble it myself by following the directions, it would be too much trouble to do it at the beach later.

Our store seems to always be well stocked with fresh meat and produce. Even so, I stick to certain items at Aldi. Very little produce and very few meat items. I'm glad they are now offering more organic items, as most food I buy these days is organic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Chicken.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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All the black cashiers have taken positions at my local grocery stores. You will never see a white face there. BTW: Mooresville is 83% white.


Their products used to be alright for the price. I work for aldi and trust this, their product will continue to be decrease in quality, a lot of the items are from China.

I only work for them cause they pay good. I only buy your normal household items for them.

I will not even buy name brand items since I've witnessed how they handle refrigerated and frozen items. Also, never buy their meat...


Went to Aldis after a long time of not. The cereal was stale and the cannilini beans (canned) were hard!

Not going back.

Will go to WalMart. Always crowed but good quality

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