Flippin, Arkansas
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I went to Aldies in Harrison, Ar for the first time today. It was my first visit and my LAST!

I had my bag ready for the cashier to put in my purshase and he threw it in the basket. very rude, then I found out it was the manager. Never said kiss my *** or a thank you.

Then the person behind me in line followed me out to my car, and said that guy was a real *** hole to you, I said yes and that I wouldnt be back. I can go somewhere else to spend my money and get a smile and also a thank you....Aldies youve lost my business and anyone that I tell my story to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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The entire point of Aldi's is that they don't take the time to bag thus using less cashiers. I know it only takes a little more time to place in the bag but multiplied by hundreds of customers, that amounts to a lot.

This is why the prices are cheaper on many items....

a subtraction of services. Kind of the point.


OMG Ms. Diva Flowerchild, lower prices are the reason for not bagging groceries and Aldi's does have the friendliest people working there (No I am not an employee, but I do know they get paid pretty well).

Please don't go back, one less cart to get around when I'm in a hurry and it is busy. BTW, it is always busy because they have some great products you can't get anywhere else and wonderful prices!!!


Aldi does not bag groceries you should have known that


Its a high time that managers/cashiers realise that nothing matters more than a customer. And its more difficult gettting a new customer than keeping an existing one.

For me, AIDI is a "NO GO ZONE". Let me take my business where m appreciated.

And it seems to me like Crissy and Travis are accomplices of Aidi.. Gotcha!


You're welcome to your opinon. Aldi's policy is not to bag your groceries because it takes longer and requires more staff. I'm sure there is some other store that will happily bag your groceries for you for an addtional +25% Just as there used to be places that pumped your gas.

The manger might have been rude about it. We weren't there but my guess is he smiled said hi and rapidly put all your stuff on the counter into your cart just like they've done the past 5ish years we've been shopping there.

Fyi the only reason I found this place is because I was searching for the closest store to go to while we are out of town.


I agree with crissy. Get over yourself and follow the rules like everybody else


You have your opinion and I have mine!


Good grief. What a ridiculous complaint!

You obviously have never been to Aldi before since their policy is to put items in your cart and not in your bag. You bag them.

Sheesh. I doubt they care they lost a customer like you.

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