Shrewsbury, Shropshire
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Whilst shopping at Aldi Store in Ludlow recently I was un impressed by the attitude of staff stacking shelves. There was so much stock and cardboard along the aisles it was difficult to more around.

The shelf stackers completely ignored the presence of customers in their frantic efforts to shove stock on the shelves and throw cardboard boxes around. I had to jump out of the way of a big trolly being rushed along by a man who was oblivious to my presence. The staff at the check out don't speak and give you know time to pack your bag. I spoke to a young man who said he was one of the managers and he said he would pass my concerns on but said they had to work to a time.

When I reminded him that we were paying customers he became quite unpleasant. It was not a good shopping experience.

Reason of review: Ignorant unhelpful staff..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aldi Grocery Pros: Prices, Good variety.

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All I can say is you people are absolutely ridiculous. When you contact ALDI corporate tell them to staff more help at ALDI so then maybe employees don't have to be rushing to meet their time quotas so YOU can be content with your shopping experience. ***.


Inconsiderate stockers are my biggest pet peeve at grocery stores. Contact Aldi corporate office about this!


I totally agree, even when you tell the store manager nothing happens, when I was in the store other people were agreeing and recounting their similar experiences, it is only a question of time before a customer is hurt - then we'll see what happens.

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