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Me and my wife were in the Wood River, IL Aldi store shopping. A male employee that seemed to be college age perhaps, whose name we later found out was Tyler, pushed a pallet right in front of us as we came down the isle.

He sat the pallet right in front of us as we approached. There was barely enough room to get around it. In fact, we had to rub the side of the cart against the product on the cart to get by. I noticed there were a few other full pallets sitting in bad positions in other isles.

As my wife barely squeezed herself and the cart by the pallet she said something to him, in a nice manner, about whether it was necessary for him to block the isles the way he was doing. The guy, Tyler, who came across as a real *** just looked at her and laughed and said to her, 'well, lady, maybe if you skipped a few meals you might be able to squeeze thru a bit easier'. I looked up at him and said 'EXCUSE ME'! I then said, 'that is no way to talk to a woman or anyone, especially after you just blocked the path of customers trying to shop in this store'.

He just looked at me and had this *** smirk on his face and kept on doing what he was doing. I was SO mad at this guy! I said, 'is that the way you talk to customers'? I suppose Aldi's condones an employee talking rudely to customers like that.

As we turned to continue our shopping I could hear him say under his breath that we were '*** shoppers'. Now THAT really infuriated me. How dare this *** talk to customers like that when we didn't do any thing to him to deserve talk like that. It really made me think twice about what kind of people Aldi's cares to hire for jobs there and IF I even wanted to shop there any longer.

I would suggest that Aldi's read these posts and perhaps make sure that these 'rude' employees are reprimanded and perhaps even fired if that is the way they conduct themselves on the job!

You can tell this Tyler *** that he needs to learn how to treat customers or get another job! I certainly do not want to shop there if we have to deal with employees like that.

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Dan S

Aldi doesn't read these threads. Why didn't you go to customer service and ask for a manager?


You might think your wife spoke to the employee nicely, but he could have taken it the wrong way. Did it occur to you that stores might have certain places to put those pallets of product. If you wife managed to get around the pallet without being injured, exactly what complaint do you and your wife have?


Right! And if it weren't for the hard work of people unloading all those pallets, there would be nothing for the husband and wife to stuff their face :-)


If you read my posting youd realize that the 'complaint' was that the employee did not have good customer service and acted like a *** to us. .

THAT is not the way Aldi's would want their employees to treat their customers Im sure!

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