Mount Clemens, Michigan

Although the picture on the box looks impressive (Neu Schwanstein Castle) the contents of the net wt 24oz Pork Schnitzel was not. I can't believe it came from Germany?

With the chemical ingrediants that are infused into the pork, a person could become sick, requiring medical attention. We miss the mouth watering cakes.

Would like to see more authentic imported items, such as wholesome breads (chrunchy crust) instead of the playdough type presently offered.(again, with chemical ingrediants) Most items offered we can purchase at Wally Mart, but choose not to, due to ALDI's international flair. Mit freundlichenGruessen, Wilhelm Franz

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Most pre-prepared foods have toxic ingredients. Personally, I enjoyed these when I tried them, but did not buy them again.

Simply because, the recipe is sooooo easy to do. Just make them your self!


Santa is watching you. You will receive an English dictionary this Christmas.


Ho! Ho!


1) You assume opinions on food quality based on pictures of castles on the box?

2) The chemicals statement. Seriously?

3) Considering 1 & 2, I think it's safe to assume you're batshit crazy. :x


I recently had the 24oz package and cooked for my family. We all loved it! :) :)


I bought the Pork Schnitzel a few months ago in a UK Aldi and it was delicious.

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