Acworth, Georgia
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First, I visited Aldi yesterday, at which time the cashier told me they were out of pumpkins, and I could come at 9 when they open in the morning to get the restricted amount of 3 per household. When I arrived on the next morning, the sign was still up that said only 3 per household, but when I tried to check out they said the restriction had been brought down to ONE per household.

I said, what about the sign that says THREE?? She took the sign down and changed it in front of me.

What a jerk piece of work of a store to do that! People had told me that at Stone Mountain the number of pumpkins was unlimited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: If a sign is up and the customer sees that sign, the store should not argue with the customer and change the sign in front of their face - rude rude rude.

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Wrong, if the sign is a mistake, it should be changed in front of someone. If the rapture happens, you will not be going up, but down to an uncomfortable place.


I'm not worried about anything because the rapture is about to happen and I am going to be floating up up and away into the sky.


Also not letting you have your way is not the same as rude. Grow up.


People like you make me sick. You are selfish and do not think of others.

The reason they have to have restrictions is because of people like you.

If they ran out of pumpkins totally then you would complain bout that. The reason they had to change the limit was because of people like you buying so many that there is not any left for others.


was the song "1979" playing on the radio in store when you were in there?"(hit song by the Smashing Pumpkins)


This Manager will get her day....


You should have went berserk and started throwing and smashing pumpkins all over the place. You probably could have smashed every last one of them before the cops showed up and then they would have had a real big mess to clean up and you probably would have been featured on the six o'clock new and been in the newspaper. And you would have gotten a chance to find out what it was like being in the Looney-Bin as well.


Don't shop there again.


If that is all you have to complain about, not getting 3 pumpkins, you are blessed.

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