Rosemount, Minnesota
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Went to checkout line with one grocery bag of products.

Employee at Rosemount, MN store REFUSED to put our stuff in our bag, even though it was only ONE INCH away! He said the manager commanded this to be done.

This is not the first time AT THIS STORE. I have not had anyone at any other ALDI store do anything as loving as the goofballs. How hard is it to put what I buy in my bag? Do I have to go to the bank and get charged for an ATM fee?

And then come back?

They have lost a customer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Rudeness of employees.

  • Customer Dissatisfaction
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The reason why aldi is so much cheaper because customers bring/purchase their own bags and PACK their own groceries. Unless you are disabled.

Store associates are always willing to pack groceries for a elderly or disabled customer.

If they do it for you they have to do it for everyone and also thats one reason why aldi cashiers are the fastest in this business


If they bagged your groceries you would complain about how they did it wrong. This is their policy and you knew that, so get over it.


This is a store where you bag your own groceries and as YOU said "How hard is it to put what I buy in my bag?" Shouldn't be any harder for you to do it while they are checking your product through the register than for them to take time and do it after they check your groceries out.


It's policy. Part of the cashiers job description!!!!!!


At Aldi you bag your own groceries. How hard is it to put your own groceries in the bag?

Please do go to another store. Those waiting in line behind you will appreciate it.

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