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I shop at Aldi's several times per month. Their return guarantee is "100% return guarantee, they will refund double your purchase price AND replace the item." This is apparently false.

In the few years I've shopped there, only 3 times did I need to return a food item that was defective or unsafe. Each time, I was only refunded the original purchase price (not double) and I was not offered a replacement item. I didn't want to 'ask' for this guarantee, since I felt it was embarrassing. But here's the point: They should not be advertising, stating, and promising a "100% double money back guarantee" if it's not followed or never intended to be implemented.

That's just false advertising. What's the point of promising something and offering it, if you're never offer it? It just seems deceptive to me. Forget the double money and replacement, just refund the original price and the gas I had to use to get to the store to return items that had 1.) bird *** in it, 2.) another that was opened and items missing, and 3.) another that had rotten items concealed!

It's just annoying to be offered something that they have no intention of honoring. To their credit though, I always got a prompt refund.

Just wish they'd stop dangling that "100% double guarantee" promise. Makes you feel lied to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Aldi Grocery Cons: False return guarantee.

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The double back guarantee is for quality issues only. You didn't like the taste, it spoiled early, ect...

You need to let the cashier know what the problem is, so he/she knows it is a double back return and not just a regular return like you didn't want, bought too many, ect... And you don't get double the money back, you get your full refund plus a replacement product.


The "Double Back Guarantee" doesn't mean that you get double the purchase price back. It means that you get your money back for the item as well as a replacement item of equal or lesser value .

Money back+new item=2 meaning double.

Many people don't want the double back, but if you ask they will certainly do it for you. Hope that helps!

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