Cullman, Alabama
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I shopped at the ALDI in Cullman, Alabama and they literally throw your food back in the basket after ringing the items up.. can goods being chunked on top of chips, apples, pizza etc..

I went up to the manager and asked her if they train their employees to throw peoples food in a basket like that destroying my foid and she responds that they do have to go quick.. I told her I understood that but they dont have to ruin your food in the process.. I will never go back if this is how they do business..

Im sure they would not like it if it was their food that they pay for getting ruined by a careless cashier.. Very rude..

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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*** customer. You can see the cash register setup and the cashier's actions when checking out.

The cashier's try to use the upper shelf in the grocery cart for fragile items. Not all will fit there, and the rest are put in the cart.

Sooooooooo! When you as the customer put the items on the belt, YOU CHOOSE THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY ARRIVE AT THE CASHIER. Duh.

Put the cans, the heavy items, and other things up front, put the sour cream and similar things in the middle, and the fragile things, chips etc. at the end. It doesn't take any time to do this, since most of us put items in our carts in a way that doesn't crush other items - putting heavier items under fragile items we picked up before while shopping.

Of course, if the shopper is too lazy or *** to do this, then the result is that some heavier items are going to be placed on top of lighter items because that is the order in which the cashier received them. There is no bagger.


Well seems as though you know everything.. it doesn't matter what order it's put on the belt..

you don't throw peoples food in a cart like that. Especially cans goods.. obviously you don't work with customers alot and if you do you suck as an employee and need to lose your job..sounds to me you must be the employee complained about or someone that doesn't care about the customer.. calling me lazy??

I'm far from lazy.. lazy is the person that sits in a chair and rings your items up and carelessly throws your items in a cart..

so take your high school drama some where else.. thanks


That's right. If you have control over the order in which items are placed on the belt, then you have control over what ultimately happens to your food items.

I don't work there, I just shop there. The clerks are friendly and have incredible hand speed compared to those clerks who work for the major chains. There the clerks go - okay item number oneeeeee, into bag. Okay, item number twooooooo into bag.

If you want to waste time and money going to that kind of store have at it. Then you can put the chips first and the can goods last.

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