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Despite the few good reviews this place will fold quicker than a wet napkin, for one the biggest inconvenience is the bagging system, you have to bring or buy Your own bags, then after the checker scans Your items they put Your groceries back into Your cart then you have to move Your cart to a location where you have to remove the items AGAIN from Your cart to bag them Yourself, also before all that happens there is shopping cart manipulation that takes place, next their is quarter system for the shopping carts, the shopping carts are locked together at the front of the store and you need to deposit a quarter to unlock the carts, so after you unload Your cart at Your car you have to walk all the way back to the front of the store to get Your quarter back, after you lock the shopping cart back to the other shopping carts, I've seen this once many years ago and it didn't work then and it still won't today. I heard this is a New York company, well this is California and they are gonna have to learn the hard way.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Like everyone else said. Aldi is expanding rapidly after being in the usa for over 9 years.

They aren't going anywhere.

But I do suggest you go somewhere. GTFO!


Get off your lazy butt and research, Aldi's is a German based company. And have we gotten so high and mighty in the US that we can't put up what we used, do you really think you are that privileged?


As pointed out by poster rollo2016, Aldi is indeed a German company. It is super popular here in the UK and throughout Europe.

They have amazing deals! It is the law here you have to buy your own bags NO MATTER WHAT grocery store you are at (or bring in your own). You also bag your own groceries at all the stores here. Why are Americans so spoiled and wasteful that they have a problem with any of this?

Aldi is prospering well and will continue to do so! If you are too lazy to shop there, then go somewhere else (like Walmart, as previously suggested).


Yeah you should always put your cart back...hence the reason for the quarter because you are lazy. Those employees do everything in that store. You make me sick with ur petty complaints


Oh! You poor soul.

Aldi's is a German company and, as such is organized and efficient while bringing you savings on groceries and many other items. You must be either crippled or just plain unwilling to make much of an effort in your life, especially in the grocery shipping area. Aldi is not going away, mate.

In fact, I believe they are expanding---due to good leadership and a very efficient way of presenting and selling it's products. Just continue to shop at WalMart where you can be treated rudely by a cast of oddly dressed and semi-literate employees.

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