Somersby, New South Wales
Not resolved

I will NEVER shop at Aldi again after today, I am totally pissed off! I spend at least $300 every 2 weeks when I shop at Aldi Miranda on Kiora Rd, but never again.

The guy 'in charge' called 'Dan' treated me with such disrespect, and not the first time mind you, because HE jerked the cash register belt so much with the grocery items that they were tipping and falling constantly. Eventually, a mineral water bottle toppled over onto the floor which splashed water all over me. And what did he do...nothing! Kept on throwing everything to the customer before me and ignored I was covered in water.

I picked up the bottle, and contiued loading my groceries. My turn came to be served, he literally threw my groceries at me, quite obviously, even more than typical Aldi employees. I was shocked, my little girl was watching on saying he's being too fast. He was *** at ME?

My transaction was quite rude, he said the right words, but very rudely, how horrible he was. I watched on as he served the next few customers...

no rushing!! I took his name, I will never shop there again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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