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I went to Aldi on 104th & Blue Ridge, in KCMO yesterday morning and I went to pay for my groceries I has a small box that I put my groceries in. Well, I put the box on the conveyer belt then was asked by the cashier to remove the items from the box, so I did.

But what she did was what angered me, after she scanned my items, she threw him in the basket then threw the box on top of them. After I paid with my debit card she handed me the receipt, got up and left the register without saying a word.

I know Aldi spends a lot of money on advertising and marketing. But by employing rude, unpleasant and unprofessional employees is not the way to treat customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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That cashier did everything according to Aldi policy. I know this because I currently work for Aldi and that is how we are trained.

We waste too much time taking things out of boxes for customers which slows down ring speed which decreases productivity . . . decreased productivity increases prices.

As for bagging, we are a no frills store and have signs up front that say the bagging is up to you. Again, you might not like to hear it but the cashier followed protocol and training .

. .


I had the same problem you had. I told her do not throw in the shopping cart, take it easy.

She was pissed.

NOW, She is no longer working there (ALDI) in NJ. :) :)


This is the way they do it there.You should have had the items out of the box in the first place.They are timed on how many scans per min.You are trained to move fast there.NEXT TIME HAVE YOUR ITEMS OUT OF THE BOX AND YOUR BOX ON THE BOTTOM OF THE CART.If you want full service go to a full service store and pay more money.No i do not work there but i have been there and anybody who has been there knows this is how it is done.


yes! you are correct. That's how it's done!


It may be how it's done wherever you are but here at this store, usually the clerks are very customer friendly and they themselves remove the items and place them in the box, in the cart for you. Not throw people's groceries like she's working on a farm.

Since you're so inclined and so educated on Aldi's policies, maybe you should work there. I guess the days of friendly customer service is gone.


I would never work there you are so rude for saying that.I knew someone who used to work there years ago and she told me if you dont have so many scans per min.you get written up and can lose your job.So maybe thats why those workers are so cranky and in a hurry.Those workers are stessed to the max I always also find if you are nice to someone they are usally nice back.I never had a problem with the cashiers at aldi but i also know how they work.I have my things out of the box and put the box on the bottom of my cart.You cant expect full service at a store that is not full sevice.


"she threw him in the basket then threw the box on top"? Oh my gosh!

She threw your baby in the cart? She threw your husband in the cart?

Ohhhh, it's a typo. Try proof reading your stuff before you post it!

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