Greensboro, North Carolina

i have had it with this one cashier..!! i think she has been there a while now, and i do not know how..!!

she is rude, slow, dumb acting, wears a blue tooth phone and actually uses it while working, non-helpful,etc..

i have been shopping at this store for 4 years now, and usually all the other girls are very fast and friendly..this one though i think is racial..she is rude to all non african americans. she deliberately does not make eye contact, is not helpful, acts like she just started working there. I have never seen her up out of the chair, when all of the other girls have to stock and cashier, and run up and down the isles like a crazy chicken...

she never knows where anything is located when i ask her...she leaves her cash and coins in the side drawer, with no regard to someone stealing it....I dont understand why or what she is doing do still be employed there..??

can someone please tell me..? if you look at the receipt, it tells the name of cashier...her name is "GWEN"...when i see her working, i instantly get knots in my stomach, knowing that i am going to have to endure her "RUDENESS"......if she were my employee, she would have been long gone..i see too many aldi girls working too hard, for them to let someone like get away with this kind of "MURDER".....i am sick of getting bad CUSTOMER SERVICE from her and other retail stores...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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tom w

ha. ha. lol...that is sooo not funny..

i am not the problem... that lady is...and if you are so happy with them, then why are you on this

for the record....she is the only person there that gives me and everyone that i know a problem, so they need to get rid of her..ha..!!


Then dont shop there *** ***!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset

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