Middleburg Heights, Ohio

This incident happened somewhere beginning of March. I had two items with me at the checkout, can of ham and a gallon of milk.

The cashier threw the can into the cart. I'm like really. I haven't said anything to her face yet. After I paid those items, she said have a nice day.

Irony. Cause after she threw it, I was not happy at all. And this was not the first time I had a rude cashier. By the way, I don't shop there often cause I don't like the attitude of those people.

They don't make me feel welcome. I like Giant Eagle better.

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Sounds more like the Service is the problem not Aldi.I would have said I want a new tin,and make the cashier get it or an associate.If not refund me.


If you want good service, go to giant eagle. If you want cheap food, go to aldi.

Btw, a good tip off to the level of customer service you can expect from any given store is how much they charge for you to borrow their shopping cart. If you have to deposit coins to unchain a cart that you use in a 200 square foot grocery store filled with nothing but pre packaged food that ends up being time consuming to load into your car due to lack of grocery bags offered, then chances are finding super friendly employees aren't priority #1 for that business.


First of all I am sure she did not mean to throw it in the cart. then again you sound like an employee of Giant Eagle trying to make your competition look bad.


then go there instead. if you don't like the people or their attitude don't shop there. put the power of your $$$ where it hurts in others pockets.

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