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We love the food and prices at Aldi, but find it worth spending more just to be treated as a valued customer instead of an ignorant inconvenience. The first time we ever shopped at an Aldi store my fiancé was going to pay with his credit card, which is not a debit card and was basically scolded for not realizing it was a cash or debit payment option.

I was embarrassed for him as he runs a business and was taken aback at how this could have been explained in a kinder manor. The next time the same cashier told us the total and we were short 25 cents due to a $2.00 price error on a bottle of honey. I was surprised we were short because I added the few items I bought in my head. As I scrambled through my purse the cashiers body language let us and the people behind us know this was annoying to her.

When I looked at the receipt I saw the error to be the stores anyway.

Tonight again I had the same lady and she was very snippy again. Three strikes and you're out. This lady does not need to be working with the public.

A few times when I saw her working I didn't even go in. She is at the Burlington WI store.

Short 45ish in age. Very snotty!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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This makes sense to me as I have observed some pretty immature behavior exhibited by a certain cashier and

a certain manager on a couple occasions. It appears to me that these employees seem to be concerning

themselves with who might be coming in to patronize the store.

Sounds odd enough but what can you expect here its not a bank or a hospital, its a discount food store. Good prices..silly environment.

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