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I went for the first and last time to Aldi grocery store. I was shocked to find that you have to rent a shopping cart. Pay for Bags and Bag your own groceries.

I Did not see it posted anywhere that they did not take checks. Yet I asked before the cashier finished ringing my purchase as checks is all that I happened to have with me. ( Keep in Mind that the cashiers have a stool to sit on and all they do for you is ring up your purchase.) They said no it was cash or credit only. I said I was sorry but I could not make the purchase as I did not have either with me. The cashier then looked at me and said.... Then you need to get your stuff off my counter!

I was Flabbergasted I just looked at him and told him to have a nice day as I turned and walked out. I Will Not Be Back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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Yes, ALDI STAFF are extremely RUDE. I went for groceries one Monday and the SELFISH, ARROGANT cashier, shoved my trolley out of the way after she took the money from me and I hadn't finished putting the rest of the groceries back into the trolley after paying for them.

Thinking I would not see this cashier again, I went today MONDAY again and this time is was the SAME RUDE CASHIER as before. There were NO other cashiers available and it was either - going through her or walking out without anything. Because my larder was BARE at home, I couldn't walk away because if I had gone to another grocery market, I would have ended up paying TWICE the price for the SAME groceries. Because I was hungry for some good food, I went through her again.

This time, she served a CHILD who was STOOD BEHIND ME in the line FIRST. Then when it came to my turn, she DEMANDED payment BEFORE I had finished putting the groceries back in the trolley. I simply told her "I don't have three hands and you will have to wait," fearing that she would pull the SAME trick on me by shoving the trolley away after receving payment when I had not finished putting them back in the trolley. As she was snarling and scowling at me, I continued packing my stuff back into the trolley and made her WAIT.

I paid for the groceries, she slammed the change into my hands and started serving the next customer before I had a chance to get away from the till.

I am going to have to CHANGE my strategy with Aldi and go to the store on a different day and hope she is not there. It has been the same with the other grocery markets, ALL the cashiers have treated me like *** and they don't know me from Adam.


Well you do need to get your stuff off the counter, she does have other people to serve you know.


I found them to be extremely rude and violent nature some of them are quite abusive. Lot of them can't even speak in proper English.

They are more like bullies and idiots.

I had number of similar experience at Bankstown, Hurstville and Rockdale stores in Sydney.

What do accept Aldi's pays in peanuts and we get monkeys’ to serve. Send them back to manner school and get them to improve their command on English.

If you love to see monkeys then go the Aldi the Monkey’s Haven


Aldi is German and we do things a little differently in Europe. Perhaps stick to your Food Lions or Krogers?!


Of course. No need to be so rude and abrupt though right?


Well first off you rent a car raise with 25 cents and they give it back at the end of the trip it's 25 cents not the end of the world and they're environmental friendly which is why u rent the cart and they're no bags other then environmental safe bags seriously do more research before u disrespect the company as a whole... just because you had one bad employee who I'm sure would've gotten fired if they were seen acting in such a manner to any customer...

try a new one before u get discouraged just don't bring checks like I said environmental friendly they don't except checks because the use of paper and it's better for there company it's too bad not everyone has the same mentality otherwise it would be a much better world... but I can say to you don't dis the company over one first bad experience at Aldi's try a different one or try a different employee and you'll see a much better result Aldi's prides themselves of there customers and any employee that has an issue with such gets terminated...


I just have to throw this in here: I KNOW many of us are hypersensitive to perceived rudeness because of what people have done to us in our childhood. We need to forgive them, realizing that all of us are only human.

AND, here is the perfect way to deal with rudeness: Matthew 18:15 -- FIRST, TELL the person to their face why they are rude, and they may apologize! If not, at least they know you don't appreciate their behavior.

Also, logically, why should you let a rude person bother you one bit? You are not the one at fault. He or she is.

Why should you give them the satisfaction of bothering you?

And why should you lower yourself to their level by being rude back? 'Pushy' did exactly the right thing by telling them to have a nice day!


It would have been nice if the cashier would have offered to help you put your stuff back in your cart, and said something like 'Sorry about this, please come back and visit us'. That would have been by FAR the best thing for them to have done, and may have gained them another customer.

Rudeness never pays.

I recently was a little flabbergasted too when a cashier started putting someone else's stuff in my cart (I only had two items) before I even had a chance to pick them up.

She handed me my change with one hand and started throwing the other person's items in the same cart with mine before I could even put my change in my pocket! But after reading some horror stories from employees about how fast aldi expects to cashiers to ring stuff up, I think we can cut them some slack, even if they are a little rude.


For my personal opinion you are just one of those customers who want it all. I think you are making a big deal out of pretty much nothing. Sure enough they will be just fine without someone like you


I shop at Aldi pretty much exclusively. Every store I've been to has payment methods accepted stickered on the front door, but it's not a huge sign, and I've seen it happen a few times that someone understandably misses this info and gets to the counter with a check or credit card they can't use.

At that point the cashier can either handle the situation tactfully or be a ***; sorry yours chose to be a ***- I'm sure the manager would've liked to hear about that.

I hope you don't let the actions of one *** employee turn you off to the store forever though, because their prices are unbeatable. Also protip- you can easily avoid ever buying bags by just using their empty boxes for your groceries.


aldi workers are not rude someone is cheater


I don't agree.


I'll give you your $0.25 back for that Cart Rental if you GO AWAY Cry Baby


Who still pays with checks? Really? Get a debit card dude.


Checks are good for keeping a detailed history of transactions. And it's harder to get someone's personal info with a check than a car


Bull, your check with all your info pass through so many hands. It is just as bad. Plus much it goes through the same system.


someone that writes hot checks


Cart rental. I usually look for some one who is about to put their cart back.

I give them my quarter. It's difficult to hold your bags and retrive ypour quarter, at the same time. When i am returning my cart, I look for a customer to sell it to.

They are happy to pay me a quarter for the cart. Also, when at my car, with groceries, some times a person will take it back, because they need money, even a quarter when you're hungry even a quarter helps.


I personally have never had any complaints with Aldis. By the way, there is a huge sign outside directly above the carts that it costs only 25 cents to rent a cart.

That is no biggie since you get your quarter back when you return the cart. Also about buying bags, you are not required to purchase any bags,you are free to bring your own.

And on the front door and at the registers it clearly says "No checks." I just am stating facts, I think people should just be more observant. :)


i love aldi's!!!! that store saves me lots and lots of money.

it reminds me of costco- the set up. i like the fact that we can bring our own bags and pay for the cart because it keeps the parking area free of shopping carts.

the staff at the store i shop at are absolutely wonderful.

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