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I went for the first and last time to Aldi grocery store. I was shocked to find that you have to rent a shopping cart. Pay for Bags and Bag your own groceries.

I Did not see it posted anywhere that they did not take checks. Yet I asked before the cashier finished ringing my purchase as checks is all that I happened to have with me. ( Keep in Mind that the cashiers have a stool to sit on and all they do for you is ring up your purchase.) They said no it was cash or credit only. I said I was sorry but I could not make the purchase as I did not have either with me. The cashier then looked at me and said.... Then you need to get your stuff off my counter!

I was Flabbergasted I just looked at him and told him to have a nice day as I turned and walked out. I Will Not Be Back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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I have been to a few aldi markets and I will never go back again. There is no customer and a previous blogger is right - you pay for what you get.

I typically have no complaints about the aldi brand itself, I think the people they hire should at least say hi and thank you. They pretty much grumble and drop the food in the cart when ringing it up. This damages the food and if you ask them (very nicely I might add) to sit it in the top, especially fruit, they look at you like you're crazy and then roll their eyes.

Another thing - I was alway encouraged to take the boxes as I was shopping.

I was told 2 days ago that I could not have the boxes because the store manager cashes them in for money (and pockets it). The rudeness simplay amazes me, the people that work at aldi simply must have miserable home lives in order to be that unfriendly!


I completely disagree with the points on carts and bagging. There is no such thing as free bags - most stores simply hide the cost within the prices.

Same goes for employee cost for someone bagging your stuff and collecting carts in the parking lot. If i had to choose between pushing the cart back to the stand or paying someone to do it for me, i would choose the first.

The thing with checks is a bummer, but they they so clearly on their web page and I believe they have a sign in front of their store as well.


I agree that he was very rude to you and they should have signs posted everywhere taht they do not take checks.

But, I do not see the need to put in the complaint that they have stools to sit on, that is for back safety, standing all day in one spot is very bad for the back and if more stores had stools they would have less back injuries.


( Keep in Mind that the cashiers have a stool to sit on and all they do for you is ring up your purchase)

Every cashier at Aldi is required to bust there butt doing everything in the store from stocking shelves that should look perfect to washing windows. The sit because they are more efficient that way and they are able to move the lines faster. Go into an Aldi and if the cashier has no line then you probaly wont see them at their register, they must tidy things every spare moment they have or they have a good shot at being fired.


It's o.k. as long as you keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Cheap is not always better!


The employees at the new Aldi's in Elkton, MD are super rude. They don't explain anything to you when checking out for the first time.


I will agre with you that the employees at Aldi's are kinda rude ( have one about an hour south of me, that i go to occasionally). Customer service there is pretty much nonexistant.

But renting the cart and having to buy bags is ways they try to keep their prices down. If you stick ina quarter to get a cart, you will more then likely return it to get that quarter back.

And with buying bags, well thats something more grocery stores may do to try to force you to buy and use reusable bags, Aldi it seems was on the forefront of this green trend.All in all, if you want customer service dont go to Aldi's. The most employees i seen in the store ive been to at one time is 3 people, 2 cashiers and one manager out stocking the floor.

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