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I went for the first and last time to Aldi grocery store. I was shocked to find that you have to rent a shopping cart. Pay for Bags and Bag your own groceries.

I Did not see it posted anywhere that they did not take checks. Yet I asked before the cashier finished ringing my purchase as checks is all that I happened to have with me. ( Keep in Mind that the cashiers have a stool to sit on and all they do for you is ring up your purchase.) They said no it was cash or credit only. I said I was sorry but I could not make the purchase as I did not have either with me. The cashier then looked at me and said.... Then you need to get your stuff off my counter!

I was Flabbergasted I just looked at him and told him to have a nice day as I turned and walked out. I Will Not Be Back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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yes is true the employees at aldi are realy rude!!!!! and bad customer service


Yes rent a cart and bag ur own groceries if ur too *** to dothat go else where.


aldis is the best grocery store around. i have to travel 20 miles to get to the nearest aldi but that is fine with me.

wal-marts produce is terrible and too expensive. why pay 2.39 at wal-mart for baby bella mushrooms when i can get them at aldis for 1.19 and sometimes even cheaper!! and there meats are 100% better than wal-mart. i'm am tired of giving my hard earned money to a company (wal-mart) that has put a monopoloy on the market and has driven small businesses from our main streets.

america is not what it used to be when i was growing up--there was NO WAL-MART and life was good!!!! people should re-evaluate their out-look about this subject and not be afraid to try something different--i hope aldis puts a store in closer to my town soon.


Wal-mart is NOT cheaper than Aldi. I made a list of items and bought those exact same items at both stores.

(If possible, I bought the store brand of every product.) And I paid $23 less at Aldi. And at least at Aldi, you can expect high quality. At Wal-mart, it's a luck of the draw.

You can't take a half eaten bag of chips back to Wal-mart if they tasted horrible. You CAN do that at Aldi.


Aldi is great place to work with great benefits. I am almost 45 but when I open I expected to throw st least 6-10 grocery pallets and 3-4 freezer pallets in the freezer brrr!!!

Then when we open if I am cashiering I am expected to ring at least 45 items per minute and if close we clean the entire store and make it look perfect for the next day. I usually work on this in between customers. I regularly lift between 20-50 pounds a day. We have no people to get the baskets or bag your groceries or take your groceries out.

We do not have janitors to do the cleaning. I have worked for 2 years and I love cause I'm never bored. We do have a sign when you come that tells you what forms of payment we accept but nobody reads it.

I went to Albertsons the other day and looked at their produce prices. They had nice music, people bagging your groceries and taking them out and the presentation of the produce was beautiful but they two guys that that was their only job all day to do but you paid 3 times as much for their produce on "sale"


i agree with you. I have been with Aldi for 3 years and I am 45 as well.

people don't realize how much we do. We don't just sit on a stool for 8 to 10 hours and ring their groceries. We do that and so much more.

I love this company.... I am grateful for our regular happy customers.


The design of ALDI is streamlined for the sole purpose of keeping costs down. As an ALDI cashier, the biggest complaint I receive from customers always regards the fact that you have to pay for bags.

That's true. You do have to. It's 10 cents for a plastic bag (which is much bigger and sturdier than a normal plastic grocery bag, and it has handles) and 6 cents for a paper bag. Bank-breaking, I know.

Or you can just bring your own. And if you think you don't pay for bags at stores like Publix or Walmart, you're wrong. You pay for them even if you don't use them, because the cost of bags at those stores in incorporated into their prices. At ALDI, you only pay for bags if you want to.

And while I haven't been to many different ALDI locations, I can promise you that I am always polite and patient with customers, and I do try to make conversation, unless I get a feeling that the customer is in a hurry and has no time for idle chit-chat. I have never had a customer return an item because it was damaged from me "throwing" (which is a misnomer) their items into the cart. But even if I did, ALDI has quite possibly the best return policy on Earth.

If you buy an item, and don't like it for ANY reason, we will take it back. And on top of that, if it is an ALDI brand product, we have something called a "Double-Back Guarantee" which means, for example, if you buy some strawberries, and you get home and realize there is a moldy one in the middle (it's rare, but it does happen) we will refund your money AND give you a replacement package of strawberries.


Working at aldi is not as easy at it might appear. As an employee, management or no, you are doing the job of at least three other people.

You are cashiering, cleaning, stocking, facing, and boxing the whole store. You are constantly moving You may sit while you are ringing however you are by no means "relaxing".

I have learned that before you criticize someone's job, you ought to do it first. While this employee was not tactful, it may be that the op was unaware of how much the cashier was responsible for.


Working at aldi is not as easy at it might appear. As an employee, management or no, you are doing the job of at least three other people.

You are cashiering, cleaning, stocking, facing, and boxing the whole store. You are constantly moving You may sit while you are ringing however you are by no means "relaxing".

I have learned that before you criticize someone's job, you ought to do it first. While this employee was not tactful, it may be that the op was unaware of how much the cashier was responsible for.


Aldi's cuts corners=big savings. LIES!!!!

They can't compare to the savings at walmart!

and at walmart you'll get 1-lower prices 2-free bagging 3-cashiers that dont patronize you 4-and put up no collateral for shopping carts.

Aldi employee=rude=bad business. I have the right to take my business where it is appreciated.


Then do so.


Well it is too bad you have to deal with that, but You need to keep in mind that the cashier is only doing her job, Aldi cashiers don't sit as you may think, they are timed and in a very tight schedule to finish assignment, cashiers or managers don't make the rules (by the way is EBT, Debit and cash).

Cashiers have to deal all day with people that are on the phone or counting pennies before they are ready to to be cash out, or with people that don't understand the system and complain to the cashier all day.

Aldi in my opinion is the most efficient store who train people on have to do things right. Shopping carts need to be rented because some people don't have manners and leave them all over the place.

Aldi started in neighbourhoods with low income so the rules need to be different, if you think about it the store is run by 2 or 3 people so "YOU" can have low prices, same with not taking Credit card or checks!.

If you need your grocery to be bagged or not to pay for your bags or rent your shopping cart I have a suggestion for you, is call OTHER STORES that way you can pay three times more for your grocery but the good thing is that you wont have to rent a cart for .25 cents, or pay .6 to .10 cents for bags that are made from recycling to contribute to environment.

I don't understand how this cashiers is lazy when they start a 5 to 6 am to throw a load of 6 to 10 pallets (Normally done by man or two people in others stores), and with them being able to deal with 500 to 700 costumers a shift, not a day, a shift! also cleaning scrubbing and lifting up to 60 Lb. yeahhhhhh they are sooooo lazy.

So I am sorry Aldi didn’t treat you right I am sure you were being nothing but pleasant. Maybe next time the should run a red carpet from your car to the store to make you feel good, after all the cashiers just sit all day and paint their nails while they are no customers Oh wait!!! that never happens because Aldi is always full of customers.

I will always be a big fan of Aldi because I am smart about my money.

Have a great day, and please let me know if you need directions for others stores.


First off, you put a quarter in to get the cart, and then you get the quarter back when you return the cart. This is not so much "renting" a cart as it is making sure that people do not just act lazy and leave the carts out all over the parking lot. It's a more efficient system.

Second, that sucks about the check, but what did you expect them to do? If they can't accept checks, then they can't accept them.

Third, you sound like an ***! "Oh they just sit there all day." You sound like an old person wearing a *** fur coat who doesn't remember what it was like to work retail. Your attitude really makes me doubt that there was no place to read "no checks." I used to work in a CVS and we had people come in all the time who were too *** or busy to read anything and then who would yell at US.

Sounds to me like your bad experience is your own *** fault. I don't feel sorry for you!


Never been so I'm going today. I think the kids will get a kick out of the cart return.

As for the bags. Shopped at Sams before, no bags there.


I am currently an employee for Aldi and to be honest it sounds like a fair few of you have no idea of the employee's responsibilities and the expectations of their managers.

Firstly, what's so outrageous about putting a coin into a trolley only to get it back at the end of your shopping? You're basically renting one at no real cost and ensuring that the store don't have to hire further staff to restock trolley lanes due to customers' laziness, thus adding more savings to you as they save on extra staff.

Secondly, working at Aldi is tough, a lot is expected of you and you are never told you are doing a good job, only to pick up the pace. Cashiers are expected to scan more than 1,200 items in an hour (usually more) or face disciplinary action, so they scan goods very quickly. They don't mean to be rude but it is their *** on the line and the customer should be thankful for their speed, it speeds up and reduces queues that customers would otherwise give out about.

I will concede that that employee was rude but not all of us are and he was rude because your lack of declaration earlier to intend on using a cheque meant that he'd fallen behind on his sales scanning so you were in fact getting him in trouble. His behaviour was bad but understandable if you think about it, he was worried he'd be given out to.

As for bagging and paying for bags, 2 things. 1, why should someone else pack your shopping for you? It merely makes you lazy and causes the company to pay more staff, driving up product goods, which of course customers would then complain about too. And the staff have actually helped disabled or elderly customers with packing before as we do have souls.

2, there's a reason they charge for bags, firstly because it costs them money to design and stock them and secondly, if you knew anything about Aldi's ethos, you'd know they follow the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) so they charge for the bags to encourage customers to reuse previous bags to help the environment both for littering and to reduce the manufacturing of plastics which damage the ozone.

Basically the next time you decide to complain about a shop that by its own admission is a 'no frills' store to save YOU money, think about how hard and efficient the work and ethos is and if you don't like it, shop at WalMart, I'm certain that would be more your thing.


Cashier Paula was rude. At 3601w. Cold spongy la

Baltimore nd


I just wish your checkouts would slow down a little bit. It seems they are in a race to see who is the fastest checkout.

They just seem to throw your groceries in the cart. Otherwise it is a nice store and prices are very reasinable.



I love the Aldis in my town..the store is always clean..and the cashiers are always friendly..the smile ...ask how your day is ...and say think you...must be in Wisconsin!!!!


For those of you who think alls an Aldi cashier does is sit and ring all day and that they are lazy you should stick around for a while and watch what else they do.They are required to stock pallets while they ring.Which means they are constantly up and down walking back and forth all day lifting and stocking shelves.They also park full pallets of stock and when the doors are locked the sweep mop empty trash clean bathrooms wipe everything down and scrub floors and if more things needs to be stocked they do that also.Not to mention that "just sitting there ringing" isn't as easy as it looks you should try it out for 8 or 10 hours straight sometime.


:) First visit to an ALDI in Pelham, Al. and it was GREAT.

I can't understand why anyone would complain about this concept. Of course it is a new store but sooooo clean and well stocked and the prices are not to be believed. I don't need someone welcoming me when I walk in the front door. Just save me money and if they want to sit while they scan my food that's alright with me.

I have always furnished my own bags and prefer it that way. I'll even rent a cart and that's alright with me too. Just save me money and I'm one happy camper. I have been to so called discount grocery stores that smell so bad inside that I turn around and leave because the produce is rotting and they still want you to buy it at discounted prices.

Rotten produce at any price still stinks and who wants it. Not me. We do live a considerable distance from an ALDI but will definitely be back at every opportunity.

Thank you for the concept. WE LOVE IT.

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