Queensbury, New York
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I have shopped Aldi's since they came to my area in NY. Back then, staff were local people and they were accommodating and friendly.

I've noticed in the last 3 years or so, staff are no longer local, they are bounced around from store to store. Many of these people are HOSTILE, they act like they HATE their job. They are nasty to people. God forbid you ask them a question.

I don't understand how these employees get away with their attitude. Aldi's doesn't appear to care about their customers.

Many times Aldi's do NOT have the merchandise available that is in their flyers. Don't dare ask an employee because you will get your head bitten off or they just remark, that it never came in.

I am so tired of running to Aldi's to try to obtain merchandise they advertise in their flyer, and it NEVER becomes available or they send a very small amount to my local store. Example: Last week they had furnace air filters in their flyer. I arrived less than one hour after opening and all but three were gone and those three where not the size that I needed. I was told they got shipped only the one box which contained three of four sizes totally 12 in the box.

Bottom Line: Don't expect much when you shop at Aldi's for flyer merchandise and expect RUDE employees. A friendly employee is RARE!

Reason of review: Website doesn't work for contact Customer Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Rude employees, Lack of items in the flyer, Contact customer service on website not working, Customer service on website not working.

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