Edgewood, Maryland

I've been to several Aldi stores and it's the same everywhere.The produce is half rotten, chips are mostly crushed, and customer service is totally nonexistant.Emplyees are rude, smart mouthed, unprofessional, and many times leave the registers unattended with customers waiting to be checked out. Management is absent and unavailable.When my husband asked to speak to managers a mad /girl that looked like a gentlemen walked up and was so rude when i asked about Cat litter , i walked Away...They have a really don't care attitude. Their lower prices are not worth it to put up with the ***.Avoid these stores.I'd rather shop at a store that charges more but has cheerful helpful cashiers that don't act like they are doing you a favor. 

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You want friendly go the the store on S.Anthony in Ft Wayne they got rid of their mean,unfriendly,slow cashiers. The ones still working there will do anything you want or need.


Aldi stores are very dirty, merchandise is substandard and aisles are chockfull of damaged and unstocked inventory. Do not expect to find selection or high quality items whether in fresh, frozen or shelf.

Managers and employees are always unavailable for any assistance. Cashiers are tracked/monitored for speed of swipe, not pleasantness or helpfulness to customer. Cashiers throw the purchases as fast as they can into the customer's cart without even making eye contact. They are oblivious and unconcerned about crunching the customers selected merchandise.

Yes they even take on ugly attitude when you hold up the checkout line while you go back for a replacement. Aldi website is full of *** corporate excuses for not offerring bags or hassle-free shopping carts.

Their whole concept of doing everything against the convenience of the customer (no credit cards, no bags, little product and size selection, rude staff) sets back modern retailing to pre civil war days. R.I.P Aldis


That really must be a bad store. The cashier part specifically because their job requires them to be at the top of their game. Can't say much about customer service on the floor as they seem to be in hyper mode refilling stock as much as possible all the time.


"Refilling stock" is a relative term: If you mean slicing open corrugated cartons and stacking them precariously, or if you mean leaving pallets in the aisles, or walking past and ignoring a collapsed and damaged stack of oozing merchandise, or leaving the last of a can or box at the bottom of a large bin so that it is uncomfotably inaccessible to an average adult shopper....or bringing out fruits and vegetables with freezer burn, or so called fresh bread (advertised as fresh) still frozen solid

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