Chicago, Illinois

I recently moved to a new neighborhood in the chicago area where their is an aldi store within a few blocks of my apartment so went to check it out. I was first shocked at the "deposit" to use a cart but another customer assisted me with the process.

Overall the store was clean but clearly very basic bare bone product selection. I selected a couple dozen items which were mostly store brand but few national brand products and proceeded to the register. The cashier looks agitated, ignores my compliment about the stores layout and avoids eye contact at all cost. I begin placing items on the conveyor belt to be scanned, she looks at me and says "seriously dude you need to pick up the pace".

I was completely caught off guard and politely told her I was a paying customer, not her child. She continues to look agitated throughout the scanning process. She carelessly drops the merchandise into a second cart causing a box of cereal to smash and a case of soda to open and cans scatter within the cart. I ask her how do i get replacement for the merchandise you just damaged by being carless.

She intentionally ignores me question and asks will this be cash or debit. I tell her I will be using my debit card and attempt to scan. The card fails to read, to scan again which again fails. She says the card is not scanning due to wear on the magnetic strip, do you have another card to use?

I ask can you type the number in manually to which she says NO, do you have another card. I attempt to use my master card but she says no credit cards, debit only. I ask her how many people are going to have multiple debit accounts. She looks at me and says seriously dude you need to hurry the F*c* up NOW!!!!!!

I tell her I want to speak to a manager immediately. The man standing the next register over comes over and tells me he's the shift manager. He says "I've been watching you bog down the register for 2 minutes with your nonsense garbage and honestly we don't need customers like you, so please either pay with cash or just get out of my store now" I told him this was my first time in the store and directly because of his staff I will permanently take my business elsewhere. He sarcastically replays "have a nice day sir".

Despite the absolute rude behavior of the staff I was considerate enough to remove the perishable items from my cart and place them in a freezer prior to leaving the store empty handed.

According to friends of mine this was a very typical aldi experience regardless of what location you visit. Its a shame just a big company has absolute zero customer service skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hey mr. Turtle it's people like you that caused me to be fired from aldi.

Checkout must operate at nascar speed. Aldi is a retail store not assisted living center.


*** without the *** customer, you wouldn't have your job in the first *** place.


I'm a customer and I don't have time for your shenanigans. Your items will not be handle as if they're rare.

They will be scanned and dropped into your cart.

That's it.

Something tells me the original poster isn't telling everything and probably tried to slow down the line on purpose.

That's cool for someone who doesn't have a life or anything else to do but for the rest of us it's a waste of our time.

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