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I had a similar experience at Aldi's in Bay City, MI. I bought a frozen turkey. When I got home I found out that the company I had planned on coming for Thanksgiving were not able to come. I took the frozen, sealed, intact turkey back to Aldi's and asked the manager, Mary, 'what the store policy was on returns'?

She asked, "why?"

I explained that my husband & I would never be able to eat all that turkey and would like to return it.

Mary became very rude and abrupt while saying, "Well, we cant sell it! It's the State Law!"

I was overcome with how loud and rude she was. She walked away from me and pretended to be busy doing something else. I stood by the cash register and asked the other clerk 'why was she treating me so terribly?' the other clerk completely ignored me. Several other customers were staring at me as if I caused world war III. I was so hurt. I have never been treated like that. When Mary returned I asked her "why are you taking this so personally and treating me so terribly?" She would not look at me. She asked me my phone number, rang something up on the till, and handed me my refund, while displaying a look of disdain at me. It was completely humiliating and totally unwarranted.

I thought about the policy of not being able to sell that turkey. Why not give it to the employee's? or the homeless? instead of tossing it. Anyway, it was an awful experience to say the least.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Managers attitude.

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You seem to be mistaking being told that you cannot return a turkey as rudeness. I know this is not something that you wanted to hear but is it really rude?

Most stores won't allow you to return food, especially meat. It does not matter if you went to the store ten minutes later, an hour later or a week later, you cannot return turkey and telling you this, which you did not want to hear is not the same as being "rude"


Once it leaves the store it cannot be resold. What a waste of food.

It's annoying when customers do that and at ALDI, with the double guarantee, many customers try to take advantage of it.

Maybe she took it to another level and shouldn't have been so rude but I mean, you could've definitely given your turkey away instead of taking it back to get your money back only o have them throw the *** turkey away. But hey, at least you go your money back!


You could have given it to a homeless person as well...


How cheap can you get? YOU MAKE THE DECISION to buy the turkey.

You take it out of the store. Now YOU expect the store the bear the money loss for the food. It was your mistake, it was your choice. Don't be so cheap.

You could have given it to the homeless shelter, you could have cooked it and given parts to friends, you could have cooked it and frozen parts for later.

No not ms. cheap tightwad. Take it back to the store and expect a refund for a product that is perfectly fine.

The refund policy at the grocery store is for where there is a defect in the product, not when the shopper changes their mind. Pathetic.


They can't give it to the homeless or the employees for the same reason they can't resell it: health code. Once it leaves the store there's really no telling what someone may have done with it.

Even if it appears to be sealed and still frozen, it's just not safe. I'm not saying you dogs anything like this, but they have to be cautious. It's never crossed my mind to return a food item because I bought too much or my company canceled.

That's not the stores fault and I don't think they should have to eat the loss because of my error, and I don't think the food should go to waste. I would have put it in my freezer until the next holiday, or found another family that could use it.


Pretty much same policy as any store. Once any food item leaves the store, it cannot be resold if returned.

It's just a safety thing as who knows if it's been tampered with. Manager shouldn't have treated you that way though, it's a simple return process that takes very little time.


No idea why Mary was so abusive and so rude, but it seems maybe she had a bad day maybe, at all Aldi stores, they are over worked, but still no reason for that treatment. And to all consumers, please be aware of how much food we are all wasting!! Thank you for your time and Happy holidays...


I am sure the OP exaggerated a little.


Horrible! They had no reason to humiliate you that way. You should contact the Aldi corporate offices about it.


I forgot to mention that I went back to the store within 1 hr or so to return that frozen turkey.

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