Seminole, Florida
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My wife and I have been shopping at the Aldi Grocery where we live here in Florida since we found it a couple months ago and have been completely satisfied. Keep in mind that you will rarely see positive reviews for a grocery store online.

If people are satisfied then that means the store is doing what it is supposed to do and that's simply not worth commenting on. The primary advantage to Aldi are their prices.

My wife and I have cut our grocery bill by 30% to 50%. The quality of food is comparable to brands carried by the other mainstream chains, and some of the products are superior.

Bottom line: Keep an open mind and give them a fair shake.

Reason of review: Excellent prices and quality..

Aldi Grocery Pros: Great prices on vegetables, Great prices on meats, Clancys tortilla chips are the best.

  • Low Prices
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Thank you for your comment. I have always been told, if a person has a bad experience they will tell 15 people, a good experience they may tell one person. Thank you for having the insight to tell us all.

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