Melbourne, Victoria
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I generally find your staff most helpful. But, I also am observant of their appearance/presentation.

I have visited 3 stores, here in Geelong,plus in Ballarat., Horsham & Bendigo. In all, I have been aware of scruffy appearances. Is it a prerequisite of your employees, that they do not own an iron ? Most appear to have crumpled, un ironed clothing !

Several obviously do not adhere to personal grooming ! One Checkout operator @ Horsham store, looked, & smelt, like he'd come straight from his bed, &, NOT, via the shower !!! My husband, and I owned a business, for over 20 years. We would not have been tolerant of such staff presentation.

Nor should you !

Pop some soap in their Christmas stocking, along with a comb, & iron !! Thank you, Lee Owens

Reason of review: staff presaentatiuon.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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What a *** comment. Worry about your own hygiene dude.


Complain to the store manager and also go to the Aldi main corporate website and file a complaint. Otherwise, how are they to know? You aren't dealing with the brightest lights in the chandelier.

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