Tampa, Florida

I have asked the check out ladies several times to stop throwing my produce into the buggy, but they don't listen! Next time I am going to pick up the bag of apples and say "wait a minute I need to exchange these for another bag because you just bruised them." And let them wait on me!!!!

They act like they are on speed!

This is not necessary, no other grocery stores act like this!

And I am going to take my sweet time about putting my money back into my purse...that is just rude and disrespectful!!

I like the store except this just ruins my day and I hate the idea of going back! I love thier dairy!

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I have been shopping at Aldi's for a few years now & I am sick of the check out clerk tossing my stuff into the cart. I can't even check the prices as they go so fast & I don't see it anyways (its hidden).

Well long story short, they have charged for extra items several times now. I don't notice till I get home cause I am so disoriented after the hurried checkout.

Waste my time by hurrying so much they don't see what they are doing.


There is an easy way to solve this problem. ALL cashiers have memorized all of the codes for produce and the ones that they don't know by heart they have a cheat sheet with all of the numbers listed right next to them at the register) so the Best thing for you to do is to Leave all of your Produce in your cart.

Preferably in the Top area of your cart (where kids are to sit) and then when it comes time for you to be checked out just ask that cashier if you could please use your cart and they will let you move it up next to their register so that they will put all of the rest of your groceries into your cart and NOT once do they have to touch your produce.

I actually Prefer the customers to Leave all produce in their carts and then to just swing their carts up and around. Saves them time and hassle of unloading it and saves me time of loading it all back up again and then All at peace of mind that the produce is left Exactly how you chose it.


We do get timed to get get the customers out of the line as quickly as possible. I would suggest just taking the bag from them and placing where you want it in the cart.

In my store I have customers who doesn't want thier fruit placed on the bottom but puts it on the belt first and always wants another bag and I tell she can grab another one and then she tells me to go get it for her because she doesn't want to and I always tell her as soon as I am finished with my line I will.

She then usually goes and gets it so she doesn't have to wait. I suggest putting your produce up last


I understand I would be upset as well. I have worked for the company for 5 years in Beloit, Wisconsin.

If anything I love about my job of the most was the customers!!! And I hate too hear about anybody upset with Aldis. I am so sorry you feel this way. Yes we had too go fast that is because we didn't have alot of employee's but that is beacuse Aldi is always trying to keep the cost down for the customers.

I hope you go back too Aldi and give them another chance. Linda Bennett


And when you stop them and waste their time, they will politely ask that you never come back. Because you are nuts.


all stores and retailer time their employees. i shop at aldi all the time. the cashiers at the location i go at put my fruit in the basket not throw it.


They're actually timed to get each transaction done as fast as possible. It's part of the convenience they offer to consumers.

I appreciate the effort in fast service unlike other stores who talk the talk but leave me standing in a line for 10+ min. I also understand your thought on the fruit being bruised. Nobody likes eating bruised fruits. It has an awful texture and it's just not what you paid for.

I'm fairly certain that if they continue to throw your fruit without regard to your request and you simply hand it back to them and request that someone bring you another bag, they'll get the picture.

At least that approach is non aggressive and less inconvenient to the innocent customers standing behind you. Good luck!

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