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Current shift manager at Aldi who works WAY too many hours. Reason being?

Our store manager is a lazy *** who likes to call myself and other shift managers in early, just so he can leave early. Mind you, he's salary (50 hours a week) and MAYBE works 40 or less hours a week. Complaints have been made to our DM on numerous occasions but nothing has been done. Next step is contacting corporate since our DM wants to turn a blind eye.

It's *** the way we're all treated. Long hours, barely a break & we're all expected to GO GO GO as fast as possible. That's not the easiest thing to do when you're *** exhausted!!

After reading so many of the complaints on here & reading some of the responses from people commenting on those complaints, I want to thank the customers who have stuck up for Aldi employees. Seems to me that you all are the only ones who understand what we have to go through in order to keep our jobs.

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You are paid for what you do (if anything). Store managers are required to put in a minimum of 50 hours, they are entitled to a little relaxation even if it is "on the clock".

Having to manage retards like you takes up most of their time. Our "Open Door" policy only goes as high as my position (DM) We are not required to take your complaint seriously or even take it to the next level in our command.

Besides, the Directors of Operations couldn't care less about the happiness or work-life balance of our employees.


As a former shift manager in the Atlanta area I so agree with your post. Our DM constantly turns a blind eye to the mistreatment the store manager unleashes on the staff.

The problem with fixing the issue is that it never goes beyond the the dm, this is the disconnect. Corporate never knows this stuff unless staff says something. In my experience most do not speak up for fear of losing their job. Corporate is completely disconnected from the store level and you better believe your dm is not going to alert them in the efforts to keep their job and bonuses.

So strap up your boot straps and talk with corporate about your issues. This is the only way to resolve them.


ive noticed at our store there is 1 cashier and hes so stressed to hurry he throws the food if its not exactly where he wants it. they have no customer service skills. they have 1 cashier to save money not worry about the customer.


Unless you happen to know, as a shift manager, exactly what the manager's salary is you should be quiet. If you take the person's salary and divide it by the number of hours they work, they aren't even making minimum wage.

If you, as a shift manager are an hourly employee and are getting way too many hours, you are probably making more per month than the manager.

Who does all the paper work required for managing a store? That is usually done after hours.


That has got to be the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Store managers at all the make no less than $70,000 a year.

Working 50 hours a week puts them at approximately $26 an hour.

Not to mention any bonuses. Might want to do some basic math before you open your mouth.


Well, at least you have the balls to get on here and use your real name, instead of hiding behind a pseudonym like "Anonymous".

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