East Rutherford, New Jersey
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If Aldis in East Rutherford NJ Rt 17 sold ORGANIC MILK and EGGS and BOCA or VEGGIE BURGERS, PEOPLE would shop there a LOT MORE, which means spending more and saving $. See how that works?

Also, PLEASE REARRANGE your store entrances to NOT automatically feed people into the snack aisle - ITS RIDICULOUS...LOOK AT ANY FOOD STORE, THEY ENTER INTO THE PRODUCE AREA!! And re-entering the snacks is difficult. (I do not buy the meats, because I prefer organic Chicken, but I did buy the frozen Chinese food meals once w regular chicken chunks in it and it was fatty and disgusting.) THINGS I LOVE: Organic broth, the produce is ok by me, they sell agave nectar :), LOVE any frozen pies and the price is right, the hummus, the feta cheese...REALLY miss the Vegetarian Chili in a can though, it never came back.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Chicken.

Reason of review: Want my valuable opinion heard, "Help Make America Healthier Aldis".

Preferred solution: Listen to my opinions, your sales will skyrocket. StopNShop is the closest store, next is Shop Rite, and there's a produce market across the highway (selling free range eggs EVERY day) Change a few things and you'll DOMINATE..

  • Help America Get Healthier Aldi
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Aldi does sell Organic Milk. I think they offer at least the the 2% Reduced Fat as an organic option.


Stores stock what they sell the most of. Aldis wouldn't survive if they only stocked the items that you want.

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