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I applied on line and had quick reply of awwwww thanks but no thanks try again in a year.....ill be a year older!!!!! I have recently been made redundant after spending over ten years doing what could be classed as a mans job, so hard work comes naturally to me 150 men three women yep thats me I was one of them three , so when a 28 year old asked me to help with the aldi application as I have customer service experience too .

I was happy to help I answered the online questions honestly as I did on my application and guess what she got a job ......well Aldi "spend a little *** a lot" let's see I clocked up 22.5 hours in over six years sick hers was 268.5 she has mondayitus you see! (Rings in sick on Mondays ) she also has a bad back.....depending on what she is asked to do , argumentative with her colleagues ....another story however I was very fond of her because I knew how to handle her having a daughter the same age .The fact of the matter is , I proved they don't like to employ people of my age , it's such a shame we have so much to give were not off sick we have great work ethics were too wise ....not argue with both colleagues and customers , so politely smile while gritting our teeth .

I still shop there though can't afford not to now I have lost my job and I love it really......Oh yeh the advertisements are funny don't ya think? I've come up with one I'm sat there I ask for a job and the 22 year old manager pulls out a 22 year old boy from behind the cornflakes and says "I prefer this one" Your loss Aldi You could have had me for the next twenty years ....Rant over OH Yeh does that sign above your stores stand for Age limit definitely inside

Reason of review: Ageism .

Aldi Grocery Pros: Very much.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Prejudice experience.

  • poor accountabilty
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