Royal Oak, Michigan
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Bought some Benton's Ginger Snap cookies. They were terrible. I took them back for the double-your-money-back guarantee. The cashier didn't want to honor this because I didn't have my receipt, even though Benton's is an Aldi store brand. So I snapped a photo of her to show Aldi's corporate - I probably won't be able to contact them. The cashier called the manager, Sylvia, and when the manager cames over, the cashier changed her story and said she was happy to give me a refund.

Stay away from Store #95 in Clawson, MI.

Enjoy the photo of the cashier, who had no name tag, giving customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aldi Grocery Pros: Prices, Cara.

  • lack of training
  • Refund
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Why did the coffee drop to 30 oz with a price increase?


LadyScot you are not an authority at everything.


Actually, I have been called a know it all my whole life, because, get ready for it, I KNOW A HE.LL OF A LOT. It is called being INTELLIGENT.

And I read. And pay attention. And ask questions.

I am probably one of the smartest people you will ever meet. Aren't you lucky.


You would think someone with as much smarts as you claim to have, would be better at writing.


Take photos in my store, and you will be banned for life. You are not permitted to take photos, by law, in any place of business, of any employee, without express written permission. If she sees this site, and I hope she does, she can sue you.

NO receipt NO refund.


If you are going to be a person that wants to take back a cheap box of cookies, then you had better learn to read. The Aldi's website says that you must take the item back to the "manager." It does not say you can take it to the cashier, so why are you harassing her? Your actions are deplorable.


You have to take item to cashier to get your money back. Check your "facts".


Take photos of employees in my store, and I will call the police and have you trespassed for a year. Very hostile.

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