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I posted this in another review, however I thought that this should be placed in its own topic and expanded upon!

I worked for them as a manager for a year, and in several stores as I was a floating manager from florida to nc and back!

95% of the opening managers DO NOT rotate the produce in the morning, they throw fresh on top, so more often than not there is rotten produce under the fresh produce.

You ever see those stickers $1 $2 off meat? If its put over the date the meat is dated and they are trying to sell dated meat (trust me I was there and I know how angry district managers get at the store manager for throwing out meat)

Freezer and cooler loads when they come in do not stay in the cooler and freezer! More often than not what happens is the loads come in 3-4 pallets, the pallets that are not being worked are pulled into the back room YES THE BACKROOM where there is no NO refrigeration at all, I have seen several stores working a freezer load for 1-3 hours with the freezer pallets sitting in the back room, same thing with the cooler! Why does this happen? Aldi cuts costs everywhere and instead of giving you a walkin you can work in they give you this skinny little room where you can't work each of the pallets!

Aldi does not give their employees proper breaks either, in the year or so I was there I NEVER ONCE took a 30 min lunch break paid or unpaid, yet they instruct their employees to punch a time for break so they don't get sued!

Aldi also does not rotate floor stock properly, for example In florida (st pete store) I went to cover some vacations, and found 6 cases of cereal which were outdated, among other things on the shelves that were dated and placed for sale!

If the store is not to grand opening standards at the end of the night EVERYONE is expected to stay no matter how late after your shift it is and get it fixed! Then the next day they ream the cashiers/managers for staying late because aldi refuses to give more than 1-2 cashiers and a manager in a store that does 2-5 thousand dollars an hour...

I could go on and on and on, needless to say after working there and seeing the things (including several instances of vermin in the back room where you would get yelled at for calling the bug guy) I will never EVER shop there, yes the prices are low, but you do not see what goes on in the back rooms, especially here in florida!

As for the cashiers, they are treated like garbage! They have to meet a certain ring speed (which is why they throw the groceries) or they get fired. If their drawer is off slightly FIRED, if they are more than 10 min late to work FIRED, The cashiers are lucky if they are smokers and their manager is a smoker because in an 8-10 hour shift they may get one break for a smoke, if you get anymore than that you are really lucky.

The floors of the coolers and freezers are never cleaned, I have seen SEVERAL stores in Florida with dried milk (from where it leaked) that upon going back to the store 2 weeks later and after telling management there it is still there. The only major time that they do any major cleaning is when one of the big wigs are coming, other than that you are lucky if you get a scrubber through that place at night.

There have been several times in my bouncing from store to store that they are selling dated bread and when calling out the manager who was there about this, they state "our dm is psycho I can't throw out that bread I have to sell it"

The dates are rarely if ever checked on many items and on many of my shifts I would find dated items in the cooler (milk, sour cream, cheese, lunch meats etc...) and upon taking them out to throw them away got yelled at for creating inventory problems.

As for pay, yes they do pay you a lot and there are good benefits, however you can rarely use them since you are working 40-70 hours a week if you are the manager. If you are salaried, your life is Aldi, if your stores sales arent up enough for the month, they force you to send cashiers home and work the cashier shifts even if you haven't had a day off in 2 weeks. When we opened here I did not have a day off for a month straight!

As for any of you wanting to get in touch with aldi, good luck, a DIRECTOR OF STORE OPERATIONS has stated "we don't have phone numbers published because we aren't going to pay someone to sit on the phone to listen to people ***** about things that we do wrong, if they really need to get a hold of us they can write a letter, until then its not that important" This is the mentality about customers at aldi.

If the levels of the canned goods or other items are really low DO NOT BUY THEM as they are likely close to going out of date and the store manager isn't ordering new because new stock goes directly on top of old in the dry grocery section. They have monthly rotations and spot freezer checklists but THOSE NEVER GET FOLLOWED!

Now yes the quality of the food is good for the most part, however there are so many things wrong with the operations and not taking care of items which have gone bad that I will never shop there again, speaking about things that go bad, it was not uncommon for the produce/meat that was dated or spoiled to sit in the back room in a buggy (yes a buggy that you use in the store) rotting for days! Sneak a walk into your local Aldi back room here in florida if you don't believe me, I guarantee you will never shop there again.

As for cashiers, they are also almost forbidden to have conversations with customers as this kills their productivity, if a customer asks something they are trained to be short, curt, and to the point to get the customer out of their line and move along to the next customer. They are TRAINED to throw the items into the carts like that, and if someone gets mad they call the manager and the manager is TRAINED to say whatever to the customer to get them out of the store.

All in all the aldi up north are great (NY, PA etc) but here in Florida, I wouldnt shop one if you gave me a $50 dollar gift card!

Good luck and happy shopping at publix or hannaford!

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Everything in this article is true. Aldi disrespects every single person who works for them.

I know because I have worked there for over 10 years. They do not care about customers . The cashiers are told to be fast not polite, to not make small talk, to not place things in the cart neatly, and do not wait until the customer is finished unloading the cart. These things would take up valuable time that you will need later to be a janitor, to stock the store,do inventory all with only a total of three people.

You will close at 9 at night , but not punch out until 1 in the morning. Then you get to come back at 6 in the morning with 2 other poor souls to stock 30 pallets of groceries including freezer, cooler and produce plus all the dry grocery. You must be done by 9 if you want any chance to get one 15 minute break, no matter if you will be working a six hour shift or a ten hour plus shift. These cashiers are hard working, tough, and most importantly human beings.

So the next time you are in Aldi's please act like a grown up with manners or at least be indifferent, we are not robots. And remember if you have a complaint the corporate office will act interested and say they will take care of it, but really the cashiers are only following policy.

Saukville, Wisconsin, United States #1248306

I totally agree with every word of this. They treat their employees like slaves.

Expect one person to do the job of 5. No matter the treatment, I loved my job due to the fast pace day and the pay. My coworkers were all amazing for the most part. I was just fired 3 days ago for not having a vehicle.

Said it wasn't business smart for them due to the fact that I couldn't come in at moments notice nor stay as long as they needed even tho you weren't told until 5 minutes before your scheduled time off. My vehicle broke down and I'm a single mom. There were multiple times I would walk to and from work , which was an hour and 20 minute walk. The district manager let me work my entire shift and 5 minutes after closing called me into the office where I was told that if I just resigned then she would promise to give me good referrals.

Why would I quit a job that I rocked at??? I said I would not resign and requested termination papers where she then slid a paper to me and fine, just sign and date here. I asked to read it and when she finally agreed , it was a paper for voluntary resignation.

When I said I refuse to sign this and requestEd a termination letter, she then stated she didn't have to legally give me anything and if I would just sign the resignation form that she would consider bringing me back as an employee in the future. Absolutely appalled by such low down dirty business practices.

to Anonymous #1495705

Good to see I wasnt the only one who went through this ***


I work at an Aldi in Europe and even as a manager you would have been sacked in less than a week for doing any of those first several things you mentioned. I honestly didn't read any further because it doesn't even come close to working for them here

to Anonymous Pasig, Pampanga, Philippines #1316327

Come to the U.S. it's 100% accurate.

to Anonymous #1428187

I am a current employee in America. ...i have the pictures to prove every statement ive read here. Its the truth

Sarver, Pennsylvania, United States #1206421

Have you guys ever worked in one of the where-houses.

It plain sucks.

When you have bad decisions from a manager system.It goes from bad to worse for the wrong people.

The Aldis where-house in PA sucks badly.The mangers are completely clue less.On how a system should work.

When they changed the system it went to He!!.

Most of the employee's there are annoyed with the changed and it's been over a little 3 months now.And they still hate the change.So way not change it back to the way it was.

to Anonymous Bouckville, New York, United States #1292210

Where- house IS SPELLED.


& your punctuation is atrocious.

& ... If u speak like you text its no wonder why YOU no longer work there...GET AN EDUCATION 1st....


I agree. It's true.

Dont forget to mention the modern day slavery.

Their employees work off the clock to get the work done. To make the productivity.I wouldn't send my dollar at place for sure.

to Anonymous #1495711

Yep, there was a HUGE off the clock scandal in the Jefferson division in upstate SC. Shifts were working ENTIRE DAYS off the clock to get promotions over MT's and vice versa.Entire staffs were clocking out for breaks that they were not taking.

The Store Manager had them all guilt manipulated into doing it.I worked in 9 stores as a MT so I know. I was with them about 14 months. The VP and Director of the Jefferson Division know that it is going on, AND they helped cover it up and did NOTHING about it. I tried going up the chain of command and was wrongfully terminated for it.

I have the documents to prove they settled with me over it because I had the EEOC ALL OVER THEM legally.There are audio recordings and piles of documents that can verifiy every single thing written above and that the rest of us are saying. I am white but I also saw racism with promotions.

Noway was a black manager getting a store in upstate SC.The District Managers are knowingly breaking labor laws and their bosses know it. I handed it to them on a silver platter.


Since u were a.. MANAGER..

there too..y did u let it get so bad!!!!??..if what u said is all true..then i feel u r at fault too. If the other managers were doing things wrong then its YOUR responsibility to not give up on the store and its employees and especially the customers and go a step higher and talk to the next higher up and the next and next UNTIL THINGS R CHANGED.

So for all your bashing of other employees performances at Aldis trying to make it so ppl wont shop there, the faulty way things are handled there..if what u said is true..then it falls on u too..even more so then the rest because they trusted u to b a MANAGER and it sounds to me as tho YOU failed. :-(

to Anonymous #1129384

It sounds like you are a manager or even district manager of this store from the way you are defending it. Especially anonymously.

to Anonymous #1223045

The one defending this store or district doesn't even use proper language. Who kno tho. May jus be a robot talkin bout ***.

to Anonymous #1251182

From experience, managers are very territorial! 'Floaters' (mainly managers that may come from a different store region/location just to temporarily fill in where needed as seen fit) are unapologetically unappreciated.

Store managers should all have the ALDI core principles at the forefront and use the set guidelines in place, but many of the managers are just simply set in their very own ways that District Managers have either allowed or molded them to be in. Thus, any 'outsiders'/outside help aka floaters are not as welcomed as one may think. For instance, if you are manager of morals and integrity but is sent to fill in at various locations where those managers don't share in sound judgements, then there is an issue from the beginning. As much as you want to or actually report what you think is mismanagement may in fact be coming from the upper management.

Without going throuh the hassle of taking extreme measures, not to say that may even work, but at the end of the day you will still need to make sure your store is thriving as expected. Floaters ideals and suggestions may not be welcomed, so nothing may get accomplished other than the complete behind thd scenes failure that may be be ever present. It's unlikely for a floater to come into a different territory and expect a by the books turn around, not impossible just unlikely. This doesn't speak for all management, but more often than not!

Again, at the end of the day where you are manager comes first before any other store you float to... However, if your own store is/has suffered then more than likely you are either simply incompetent based on the management guidelines or simply have the right amount of morals judgment and ownership that doesn't play so nicely with the 'big wigs'... Neither attributes are bad actually, it's good to know personal strengths and weekness to develop what you will and will not stand for...

Idk, I felt like venting from all sides of the spectrum. Hope it makes light of scenarios...

to Anonymous #1495712

You get fired for reporting ANYTHING like this, they just wait a month or two. You know its true or you would not be on here defending it. Probably one of the managers who gets your staff to work off the clock


Thanks for the info. I love in FL and will never shop there again.


Yes everything you said was true your never good enough for aldi


What I don't understand about this absolutely absurd rant is how you continue to say Aldi does this Aldi does that when you have not been to all aldi. I've worked in five different Aldi (to help other stores) NEVER I mean NEVER have I been in one that has even 1/4 of the problems that you listed.

And if you were a manager that makes you just as disgusting as you believe the store was. It is your responsibility as well as the team in which you lead to make sure those things were not happening. And if your DM was psycho then you should have called the president. There is nxo reason any store should be like that.

We have a million dollar store here and pa and we are always slammed with customers and never do we sell dated products. We rotate and check dates of meat, produce, bread , cooler items DAILY all other products monthly with notes to what may date soon. The fact that you allowed everyone (including your store manager and Dm) to work in those conditions you shouldn't have been a manager. And to say you'll never shop in "ALDI" B/c of how the store you were in is wrong.

I know my store is very clean the scrubber gets ran throughout the day (if needed for big spills or messes) and EVERY single night. If you're trying to get back at Aldi for getting fired your doing it the wrong way. All of our customers and employed know the truth.

This post really disgusts me.

to Anonymous #1251202

Hmmm... I can't understand why come to a site called pissedconsumer.com only to completely dismiss one's stated experience!

I encourage a forum where p.o. previous/current employees or consumers can come to express THEIR Very Own situations, which in this case happens to be about an ever growing growing food chain. I don't recall anyone soliciting others to boycott and stand outside w/picket signs along w/marching through the streets about these matters. Nope, I just recall a p.o.v being recalled and why they themselves may no longer support the chain, but no rallying.

Only candidness to inform others, which is a great way to bring light to the vary issues others may try an snuff out no matter what proper procedures previously performed. I'm not sure if you're stating just b/c your store/visiting stores were not like this, then it's NOT possible for anyone else from a completely different area to have gone through such unfortunate situations... Idk? However, I do know that in putting the other blogger's post down all while managing to toot YOUR OWN experience seems insulting.

Kudos for having such great working environments, but it doesn't seem like you have worked at the other locations as the other blogger. So I cannot grasp how you've felt the need to chime in again..? I felt like giving my opinion.

I know no one asked me, but no one definitely asked you to chime in with your insulting piece but it's clearly posted there... I felt my candidness coming on "Trumps America Now...".


Your ranting and blaming language makes it sound like you got fired for not doing your work well, and you're determined to "get back at them". I've never been to an ALDI that didn't have good quality and service, or one where the employees didn't like their job.

I myself am hoping to work there.

On a different note, why do people think they have a right to a smoke break?

No, you don't have a right to feed your own personal addiction. It's the same reason we don't have Nutella or banana bread breaks.

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