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They don't accept credit cards, have noname/unknown brands, and don't provide sacks. If Walmart can figure out the need to provide sacks (and their upper management is little better than a bunch of hillbillies) why can't Aldi?

The manager was rude as well when I tried to take the cart out to get my groceries out to the car. Of course there is no number for the store to call and complain - maybe there is a reason for that.

Aldi's just does not get how to do business around here. Back to Super target I go.

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I totally agree..in store was VERY customer service rude..


Thts good tht they charge us for the carts because they wunt us to put it right back where it belongs customers leave there *** carts out in the lot cuz there *** lazy God gave u legs for a reason use them damit


That's why there prices are about 20% less than Target. Glad you are so much better then anyone who shops at Aldi, arrogant, lazy, wasteful fool.


Most stores do not allow you to take the carts outside because people leave them all over the parking lot and it can cause accidents. So because you were told you are not allowed the manager was automatically rude.

Telling you no is not the same as being rude.

To don't get it. The only one being rude is the OP who assumes because they were told you can't do this that the person was rude.

I strongly suspect that you are the one who wrote they review and are pretending to be someone else becasue no one else sided with you. Talk about being childish.


It's 2012. If you're not using re-usable bags most of the time then you have a problem. I understand wanting the little plastic bags for around the house, but you don't need an entire stock of plastic grocery bags every time you visit the store.

Yeah, Aldi is an off brand store.... IT'S A DISCOUNT STORE.

And just in case you didn't know, almost all of Aldi's items are name brand, disguised in off brand packaging.


You guys are idiots. Your complaints are unfounded.

If you want to pay 55% more at Target then by all means go ahead. Aldi is set up to sell the VERY BEST HIGH QUALITY generics to people who need to save money. I am working on my second PhD.

and I need every cent I can get. Aldi has excellent quality, the best prices and for people who are not idiots, the best value.


Dear Aldi Employee

Don't worry - I won't be IN your store. It's nice to see that you have such a mature and 'grown-up' handle on complaints. It seems that customer service is as bare-bones as everything else in your store.


Grow up! Shop somewhere else.

Quit complaining. You better not come in my store 'cause I will boot you out so fast your head will spin.


Well, if you want to see how spoiled and ignorant Americans have become, just read this complaint...The stores are bare bones to save you money, and it has worked for years now. If they offered full service, the prices would be as high as any other grocery store. Calm down...


If I wanted to milk a cow, slaughter my hogs, bake my bread I'd move back out to the country. However in this day and age there are certain things that are taken for granted.

I expect the produce to be washed and the meat not to be grey, and I expect the store to offer carts, bags, and courteous manners. When stores offer a primitive, spartan shopping experience people should be warned (and Aldi's does not have the proper signage in the store to educate their customer to this) that this is a very much 'bare bones' shopping experience.

Evidently for Aldi's employees, those with Manners need not apply. It soulds like You might be an Aldi's employee you ***.


Okay, hon, we have been warned. I love Aldi.

and using my own bags, or buying a few if I forget, or "paying" a quarter for a buggy, are not big fat hairy issues. You get back your quarter when you bring back the buggy, hence, it is FREE! And, since when is produce already sparkly clean, ready for the table when you buy it? Nowhere.

I started shopping there when they very first opened, about the first day, I think, and I was SOLD on the whole concept.

And, boy, when they mark stuff down, they mark it really low.


CRY me a river, someone should make you husk your own corn, shell your pees, and chaft your rice, then grind your own flour, and milk a cow.


Tasha - It depends on how 'No' is said. Both people I spoke with at the Store were rude.

As for the '6 year old comment'. Do you really think an 'ad hominem' attack bolsters your argument - or does it just make you look petty?

The issue remains, however, Aldi's does not offer multiple conveniences which I think are pretty much standard in thie day and age.

If you are ok with things being that spartan and rudimentary - that's great. I however, want a sack to take my groceries out to the car in and I'm not going to pay for what should be provided by the store (IMHO) and don't think I should have to pay to use a cart.


Aldi's does not accept credit cards because of the processing fees associated with them. They don't take personal checks either (no returned check charges).

They offer bags for sale or you can use the boxes their products come in (similar to Sam's and Costco). You can also take your own. No bags, lower overhead. The quarter is to "rent" the cart.

Most people will return the cart to the front of the store to get their quarter back...no need to pay someone to clean up the carts in the parking lot. I have never seen a cart out in the lot, if you don't return it, someone else will (and make 25 cents to do it).


and what's with having to use a quarter to get a cart? Is this 1985?!?


Aldi employees are rude and there is no sign anywhere as you enter the store of what their polices. How the heck am I supposed to know they don't take credit card?

Try a gigant CASH ONLY sign somewhere.

Their savings are not that much to offset the inconveniences.

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