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Stopped at Blaine, MN Aldi the other day and only encountered two employees. One was stocking produce and another was working on frozen goods.

Went up front to check out and there was no cashier. There were a couple of people waiting in front of me. I left my cart of groceries. Had to go to other grocery stores anyway so it wasn't a big deal to pick it all up there.

If they aren't going to have the registers staffed they should put in some self serve registers.

I realize payroll is their largest controllable expense but they also need to realize they aren't the only store in the area. I doubt I'll waste my time going back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Food Store Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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An Aldi's just opened by me and usually there is only one cashier open, though they are quick. If it is really crowded, then I have seen more than one lane open.However, I would like to see a self service checkout for express items (like 10 and under) since I don't do my main shopping there but buy a few items which are definitely cheaper than in the other stores and often I have to wait online behind an almost full cart. I will wait since I like the items I am buying but it would be nice if I could self checkout (do it as much as I can in other stores) if I only have a few items.However, it is not a deal breaker so I continue to pick up my favorite items.


That's funny, their LACK of self-checkout is one of my favorite things about Aldi! And the way Aldi cashiers are so fast, even if you have to hunt down an employee who is stocking shelves and have them come to the register, and wait for them to check out the couple of people in front of you, you are STILL going to get out of the store faster than any other store. Probably faster than if you used the self-checkout, since those are always malfunctioning and you have to wait for an employee to override it.


You can run around looking for help all you want. I just want to pay and go. I'll take a self serve register any day over no cashiers or a slow line.

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