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This is the third time at aldis in Altamonte springs,fl. that I have complained about cashiers and the manager of the store throwing groceries in the shopping cart.

I have filed a complaint with the area district manager and he has not done anything about it. They are trained to do this. The manager at this store told me they wouldn't be doing there job if they didn't.

I would rather pay more than put up with this ***. I can understand that aldi is a discount store and checkout speed is important, but I don't understand why employees are trained this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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I too am very disgusted by this practice. Tossing our groceries is not acceptable!


All Aldi stores do it. It's aweful how they damage things.

It's like they try to smash as much stuff as they can.

I've had bags of sugar burst upon impact with other things in the cart.

When I unload groceries at home it looks like I shopped at a damaged goods store. Aweful aweful aweful service


Aldi does not hire the elderly because it is a European company (Germany). They want career employees not ones who will die on the job.

The founders father was a member of the Nazi party in Essen Germany and many of its programs arise out of this philosophy. One should also periodically check weights and measures of products.


I have shopped ALSI's foryears and have yet to ever see someone THROW thingsin the cart. Yesthey will drop them into the cart or stack them on top of other things, however they have always taken time with breakables such as eggs and cookies and fresh fruit and breads and placed these in the seat section of the cart.

I have been at ALDI's from Nebraska to Missouri to Illinois to Michigan to Florida and NEVER seen any employee throw anything. Maybe some people are just spoiled to their old ways...


Come to Arlington TX. Just left Aldi with a carton of broken eggs and a pack of sugar that hit a box and broke open.

The cashier yelled at me to get the items out of my cart faster.

Love the prices. Sick of the customer service.


i had the same problem. They were rushing my 86 year old nanna along and just throwing the food in her trolly.

Outragous customer service! Ive worked in retail all my life and never would i think of running a store where staff are aloud to do that!

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