First; you look ignorant if you can't spell words correctly. Secondly, you look ignorant. Thirdly, you're probably acting ignorant. How is anyone supposed to take your complaints seriously when you can’t spell *edible *cashier *

----a.) If you don't want your bread, eggs, or chips crushed- or produce bruised; put them up first.----b.) If you want your heavy items (soda, water, milk) on the bottom of the basket and NOT on the bottom shelf put those items in second. ----c.)If you want to use the same cart that you came into the store with- perhaps because you're too lazy to put the water up second [after bread ect]- tell the cashier BEFORE they start to ring you up. Giving them the stank eye because they can't read your mind is ignorant and childish. ----d.) If the cashier asks you if you are paying with a debit card- they might be asking because they take a lot of food stamps at their store. A cashier should not assume that a person is paying with either FS or debit card- because that would lead to some inappropriate stereotyping. If the cashier asks you- answer the question. Food stamps and debit cards are not the same thing. They must be rang through in a different way. When you run through a FS card and say debit you look (you guessed it!) ignorant.----e.) There are no credit cards at ALDI at this time. There needs not be a long discussion of how they should, do you think your cashier has the power to do that? ----f.) As per the cashiers not handling your items delicately: I think you are unaware of the process food goes through before it reaches your clammy hands. It is shipped, stored, transported, and then it reaches Aldi were the truck is "thrown". Yes, that's right folks they use the term "throwing" trucks. Can you imagine why? 10 bucks says your food has been through a lot rougher treatment than what your cashier is doing at that moment. And you know what? It has always been pretty freakin delicious- hasn’t it?No the basket will not dent your cans. No the bread won't smash your chips. No the bread won't bruise your produce. The fact that you believe these things is ______

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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You talk about ignorant........check your own spelling and grammar errors. Let's begin with "ect".



Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!


The food and milk was grosr


Because I didn't have enough space; let me continue.

Usually the cashier has a method- and you should trust them. If they are a new employee; ask them to go slower. Being an *** about the fact you don't like how they cart your items usually has to do with the fact that you loaded your items onto the belt like an IGNORANT fool.

-----g.) Aldi has a double product quality guarantee. That means cash back and a replacement item if 1] you don't like your product 2] something happens to your product. That means your cashier is pretty confident they're not going to dent your oh so precious canned sweet peas.

-----h.) Asking a cashier to leave their register to grab a box or bags for you is so rude. Not just to the cashier; but to those behind you. Grab the bags before- or go back through the line. Grab the boxes BEFORE or go back and look for more after. Pretty simple stuff, right?

-----I.) 10 guesses what word I'm thinking about here.

Ps the Definition for Ignorant can be “lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.” AND “discourteous or rude.”

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